I wish TMs could be included Trades

When you hit trade have TMs pop as a pokemon and be treated as a pokemon
Elite TMs could be ineligible like Shadow or a special

So depressing to delete 20+ TMs today, when friends would die for them.

Thank to god that there are still many players who suffers the lack of TM, the moment a big chunk of the playerbase delete 20+ tms like something common, Niantic will nerf the drop chance of them.

Either way if you could trade TM, people will start selling them for real money, doubt it will ever happen.

I hate deleting them too, especially when I think back to not-so-distant days of burning loads (I think my record was close to 30) to get dynamic punch on a hundo champ or grass knot on that lucky roselia. plus the 50+ I spent in about 30 mins on GoFest TM-ing every shadow in case they never came back ever again or in case suddenly something random got the best move ever added to its pool.

It could be done responsibly I think, but it doesn’t make niantic any money and so, it’ll never happen.

Not sure why people “Selling TMs for money” would be a problem different/worse then selling “Dialgas for Money”


Man, now that you say that, i should save up at least 15 TMs for go fest next year

I don’t know if anyone would buy it with real money, but i’d definitely open new accounts to store my extra TMs and those stones…