I woke up and my weird egg hatched into an Ara Ara Onee-san! Then my lily sister showed up and it's the Heian-kyo Pickup Summon 2 Roll Thread

So I was wandering through Heian-era Japan (as one does) and found this weird egg in between some rocks near Mount Ooe roughly a week after the sky went red and the sun turned black. I was out of town at the time, but everyone traveling from Kyo was talking about it on the road.

Well on my way to becoming the world’s greatest snake charmer in a soon to be revealed shonen manga, I took the huge weird egg home. I figured the worst case scenario would be an excellent source of protein.

Tired from my journey, I quietly went to my room and placed the egg next to the fire. Unable to stay awake even a minute longer, I let the darkness take me.

Something smelled nice and I felt a light, repetitive breeze blowing against the back of my neck when I woke up. I opened my eyes to see egg shells scattered near the fireplace! It hatched!

I rolled over to find a beautiful Ara Ara Onee-san nearly as long as my entire room!


Before I could figure out what’s happening, my little sister came in the room to wake me up! Medea revealed she helped the egg hatch while she watched me sleep! (I told her to stop doing that) :fgo_medealove:


The Ara Ara Onee-san stood up and she was so tall I couldn’t even see her head from the futon!


I asked if she was going to eat me and she answered by shrinking down to a young lamia. I thought she was cute until she pulled out some kind of weapon!


Oh no, she’s cute again!

Where’s wallet-kun?!

The following CEs will also be available in the gacha, but they will not be on rate-up. If you get them it is general pool RNG!

Roll for your magnificent Dragon Snek Onee-san! We are blessed this holiday season with back-to-back dragon queens!

Rolling for them is the LAW and if you do not roll you are a criminal and will be devoured by her subordinates.



So… I have Miyu, who is terrible right now, but should get a rank up so she doesn’t kill herself. My sense is that her NP becoming Garden of Avalon lite would be better than Lily’s heal. If I have Miyu and Irisveil, what’s the selling point for Lily, besides cuteness?

Healing-focused Servants don’t usually have much of a point, but Medea Lily can access her NP instantly for a large chunk of healing, clear party debuffs, and provide significant debuff resist, and her s3 provides three turns of buff removal resist on a targetable skill while setting up a massive healing burst.

I’d never suggest rolling for her for gameplay, but she is arguably the premier healing/cleansing support, for whatever that’s worth.


I’ll make a little roll advice thread for this banner so we can keep this place flush with our degeneracy.

Best of luck scallywags, I’ll be sleeping when it goes up.


:four_leaf_clover: everyone!



20 Tickets, 300 Quartz standing by for Ibuki.

Chance of success: 0.001%.



Who got first blood?


I wonder how my rolls will go when I update this post soon.

Ohohohoho, got her a second after submitting this.

This is all on my dolphin Main account.

  • NP4 Ibuki-nee
    NP6 Medea Lily
    Jack now NP4
    Fran now NP5
    Astraea now NP6 or 7. I got to unlock Extra Append so I’ll math it out
    Yan Qing spook
    Yuri Pirates spook
    EMIYA Assassin spook
    FINAL ROLL: Rama spook and Lan Ling spook (they got me good)
    3 Devilish (Now I can MLB and have 2 extra)
    3 2030 (MLB a second copy)
    2 Amakusa CE now MLB and an extra
    Imaginary Around now MLB
    Another Black grail, might be a third MLB?
    13th Kscope
    Love’s Curse did NOT show up on this account (2 copies on F2P from Douman rolls)

:catclap: :catclap:
My first black grail on my alt!


Got NP2 Snek lady, NP2 Medea, some other 4 star spooks, my 4th copy of Kscope, and my final copy for Victor of the Moon all in 630 sq which I’m very happy about.

Still thinking about if I wanna roll for NP2 Murasaki but other than that I’m done until Muramasa.

Blessed rolls for all :heart:

p.s. to any of my friends that might wanna test her out… keep dreaming cause ya boy is broke on mats, qp, and embers… :fgo_sadtomoe:


20 Tickets and 300 Quartz expended.

The results?


First copy came on the first (of ten maximum) Multi. Second came on the 9th multi.
I am SO happy with this.


First came on the second Ticket. Second came on the 6th Multi.
She’s super-cute, that’s for sure.


I have had no trouble with this CE over the past three years. This is coming at the best of times, too.
Meanwhile, Kaleidoscope has proven far more elusive. I only have two copies after three years. Thank goodness for NP Appends.


My only spook in the entire session. Now, most people would see this and scoff at my using the term “special bonus.” However, Stheno is just a bit special to me in a very unique way. There’s a story behind it, but you’ll have to ask about it before I’ll tell it.

  1. With the dupes acquired of Ushi, I was able to unlock her Extra Attack Append (her NP Append is already at level-10.)
  2. With the dupes acquired of Medusa, I was able to unlock her NP Append.
  3. All the Gold and Silver Dross burned amounted to 235 MP.

Short Version:

Huge Success, I’m so forkin happy rn

Long Version

1020 sq spent in total (in order of first acquisition):

  • Nitocris (np1>2)
  • Medea Lily x2
  • Ibuki x3
  • Sabermuid (np3>4)
  • D’eon (np1>2)
  • Lakshmi (np1)
  • Nezha (np1>2)
  • Astraea (np2>3)
  • Jack (np1)
  • Astolfo (np1>2)

Also threw a multi at Douman and got him immediately. True clown moment. XD

All the new acquisitions are all 10’d up, ibuqueen has been grailed, spent maybe 400, 500 million qp or so i think.


This is the sexiest level up and ascension of a servant I’ve ever seen/heard in this game.


Mission accomplished in 60 SQ. Nice.

I really want the grail casting to come early. I suddenly have a need to grail her, but I have 0 grails…



Nice pulls! What’s the story, please?

I want her to complete the Snek set, even though I know that charmlock isn’t the most efficient play.

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300 SQ. Nothing worth showing. Cutting loses. Lucksack status has taken a considerable blow.


Thank you…

The Story

I joined FGO three years ago explicitly for Wu Zetian. I joined a little while before her first banner upon Agartha’s release. It gave me time to save some resources for her. But, I failed to get her.
I persevered, in my usual dramatic way, and proclaimed on the forum I came from that I’d just wait until the upcoming (at the time) 4* Giveaway Ticket and use it to get Wu. I even started a countdown of the days until that Ticket’s arrival.
However, a very benevolent and generous player took pity on me. He had spare no-progress accounts, and used resources on one to summon Wu.
He then gave that account to me. I’ve been using it ever since.
How does this relate to Stheno? I’ll tell you now: she was the only Gold Servant I got from the free First Summon at the very beginning of the game, on the original account I had created.
So, I basically had to trade Stheno for Wu. And I felt bad doing it, but there it is.
It would seem, then, that Stheno has finally forgiven me, and, from my perspective, I’ve finally gotten her back.


snek ate my cache. sq, sq shards, bones, golden fous. still need to grail her.


need seiba day -