I woke up and my weird egg hatched into an Ara Ara Onee-san! Then my lily sister showed up and it's the Heian-kyo Pickup Summon 2 Roll Thread

…aaaaaaand that was all the rolling for this year. I blame it all on Castoria rolls being crap. :fgo_brynsad:

I managed to collect 5 multis and 2 tickets for Ibuki but the best I got was my first Fragment of 2030. It’s always strange when 5 multis cannot give you at least a SR…I guess my bad feeling was spot on. :fgo_nitocry:

Am I happy with the results? Nope.
Will I whine about the results? Probably.
Am I crying in the small corner of the room? Yep. :feh_matthewcry:

Anyway, good luck to the rest of you.

Still 0 Raita SSRs since I started playing.
Still 0 rate-up SSR after the expensive Scatchach in August.
I hope this bad luck feature resets at New Year, otherwise it’s going to be a very bad 2023.


Well im moving my post Ibuki here

Its weird i enchanced a servant until a Great succes, and she came to me in the first multi

Thanks raita :fgo_jeannecheer:


i’ve got exactly 1sr over last two rolling sessions (himiko and van gogh) on my alt - siegfried. spent over 750sq combined.


Okay so I don’t know what just happened, but after my Okita NP5 shenanigans, I think it’s safe to say Aoi Yuki loves me :fgo_medealove:

87 SQ and 1 Ticket, final multi, 2 Snek mommies back to back, along with another beautiful oni wife :fgo_happytomoe: , I am so gassed about this. Been waiting for Ibuki for a long time after suddenly realising how much I adored her at the beginning of the year. I’m glad she repaid that faith with such an awesome and quick Summoning session.

She’s 10/10/10 and up on my support for anyone who wants to give her a go! :fgo_gilles_averdi:

Still no Medea Lily though :fgo_gudako: one of the few servants I still don’t have.

(Ps, apologies for being inactive on here dudes, been so busy since Shishou fest, but will try to jump on here more frequently again from now on :fgo_ishtaridgaf: - Happy rolling!)


got her from np0 to np5 over this banner…

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I think there are 4 SRs that I haven’t been able to roll, yet have rolled the 5 star on the Banner before them. Medea, Lip, Dino mommy and Lancer Li. Also still don’t have Qin Liangyu as my last missing perma SR :fgo_gudako:

Funny enough. I got exactly 1 SSR from rolling on Himko, Gogh, (Yang) and now Ibuki. It was an Altera copy spook. The SR I wanted from the Yang banner never came home.

Oh god oh no

I’ve started the manga title meta


Also, remember to roll to the right beats


Blessed ticket saved me this time

Since she came surprisingly early i wanted to try a few more multis and i was able to both max Medea and MLB 2030 for the first time in 5 years

Thank you Ibuki for not dipping into my Kagekiyo savings :fgo_jeannyes:


Originally, i was only gonna roll for Ibuki using tickets, but after i got rather lucky pulling Castoria and Himiko/Saito, i decided to also pull for Naked Ceiling Man after securing Ibuki. The results were greatly satisfactory if maybe a little nerve wracking.

The first copy came at the second roll, so pretty good start.

The second copy took 420 (Le funny number) to get with a few spooks a long the way including an NP3 Medea.


I still have no idea how i managed to get Dioscuri to NP5 in the same year they came out while not being a target i both sessions i got them. It’s insane, but at least the spooks/new Servants are nice and getting 3 SSRs in almost 500 SQ is pretty good all in all.


Now that the big snake is secured, time to go ceiling crawling.


I dumped everything including my reserve mission stash etc. About 1980SQ and 25 tickets.

NP2, fuck all for that last 1k. A lot of minrolls. 11 Medea Lily. Sumanai on the ticket rolls. Deermud Saber as the last gold sparks.

Karmic balance for my Van Gogh/Yuyu/Douman luck, mostly Douman, I’m sure.


I thought it should at least be continued on this Lostbelt, but I like it whenever the titles are more fun than “It’s the ___ roll thread!”


I appreciated the sense of continuation.

And yeah I prefer making non-standard titles cuz I have fun hosting roll threads. Half of the time I don’t even roll on my own threads


I threw several multis last night and they were all minimum rolls, no gold servants. I took that as a sign to quit while I was ahead. I have no desire to pity Ibuki. Good luck everyone else.


I did a lot of rolls, and screenshotted most of them. I didn’t really want to dump a massive list of multis in here, so I’ll include the most interesting ones.

They trolled me twice in this one.

I also got my last (but not final) copy of Ibuki from a set of singles. She remains NP4 until a GSSR or her xx downloads banner.



Well, in my usual way, I completely forgot about Ibuki dropping and so was only looking at the Thanksgiving Servants, and so now here I am with low quartz and no plan save for desire. Huzzah! Anyway. Threw two tickets and a multi when her banner dropped last night, got nothing, as usual. Thinking I’ll probably pick up a pack (I’m thinking two max across both her and the Thanksgiving Servants) and see where that gets me. Will update this (and presumably the Thanksgiving thread) at some point later.

As ever, best of luck to everyone rolling, and congratulations to everyone who’s already gotten her! My sincere condolences go out to everyone who did not succeed, I’m sure I’ll be joining your ranks soon.

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trohw 5multis for snake onee-san.
got 3x medea lily (now NP4)+and Zerkerlot spook (NP3)
no snake onee-san but got this insteand

after 4,5 years finally MLB, this feel better them SSR servant.
for Ibuki think try NY GSSR her batch is not bad for me.


Got her at NP3 but she broke my F2P+GSSR status (actually bought a big pack, though I got the last 2 NP levels from it).

Happy I got her but mixed feelings honestly
875 :fgo_rainbowapple: SQ total (w/ item_02).