I would like advice about who to pick for the free 4* servant

I am pretty new to F/GO (150 days yesterday), and I would like some advice about who to pick.

You can see my SSR+SR lineup below. All of them are NP1 except the event servants, Gorgon (NP3), (Artoria) Saber Alter (NP2) and Lancer Medusa (NP2).

Here are my thoughts:

  • I am currently missing an SR or SSR servant in the Archer and Berserker base classes;
  • Tristan’s role seems mostly filled by Merlin and David (I also have Jeanne if I want to stall);
  • I am not sure that I absolutely need to fill the Archer spot, as I have already Max Ascension David and Kid Gil - I can wait for a better roll in the future;
  • I am a bit wary of trying to fill the Berserker spot with Lancelot (Berserker), as I basically haven’t quite gotten the hang of the Berserkers I currently have (I feel that lvl 40 Kiyohime or lvl 50 Asterios basically die all the time, currently wondering if lvl 50 Lu Bu will fare better)

Also, for the recommendations:

  • I can wait (e.g., my lack of SR Archer could be solved in December by Attila the San(ta));
  • I can roll a few SQs;
  • if you have any comments about my roster (underleveled servants, 1 to 3* servants that would complement my lineup nicely, upcoming banners to roll on, etc.), I would appreciate it;

Thank you in advance!

I’d say the top Servants I could recommend based on your current Servant lineup are Lancelot (Saber), Emiya and Emiya Alter (Archer), and Helena.

A lot of people will probably immediately say Nitocris, but she has a rate up banner starting tomorrow. She is a decent farmer, but I wouldn’t spend the ticket on that.

Helena is a good choice for Caster farming, NP team charging, and support. So she’s probably your best bet.

Saberlot is great, but Elli Brave is coming out as a welfare starting tomorrow, so you won’t be in dire need of an ST Saber if you grab her. And Saberlot isn’t technically limited, so he can spook at any time.

Emiya and Emiya Alter are good picks for Archer. Yes, Altera the Santa is coming in December, but that is a few months away, and she is ST and Quick based, so there’s still room for both Emiyas in your lineup. Emiya Alter is limited, so he’s probably the wiser choice. Emiya is great though for both AOE damage and dropping massive amounts of stars with his NP to crit off of. Merlin will also work very well with Emiya’s three Arts and Buster NP, so there’s that to consider.

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As far as 1-3 Servants, I’ll quote myself from a similar question:

For Sabers, Fergus and Caesar are good if you need budget Saber options. Skip Gilles Saber.

All the 1-3 Archers are good, with Euryale, Robin, David, and Arash of particular note.

For Lancers… Jaguar Warrior! She’s fantastic. Cu is wonderful for survivability. I think Hector is decent if you need some AOE help and don’t own Santa Lily.

On Riders, Ushiwakamaru is a given. Medusa and Alexander are both decent, but you probably don’t need both. Alex has some Quick support utility. Medusa has NP charge.

Casters? Medea, Medea, and more Medea. Also, Hans, Shakespeare, and even Mozart have budget support utility. Paracelsus eventually as well, but no rush on him.

Assassins comes down to need. Cursed Arm and Fuuma bring good star drops and ST and AOE damage, respectively. Hundred Hassan is decent Arts ST, and Serenity has some debuffing utility (especially if you want to run Robin Hood!).

Berserkers gives you Spartacus, Kiyohime, and Bunyan for good budget farming. Lu Bu is decent ST damage.

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Got good support in merlin and Jeanne and a stacked lancer class. St saber, archer, st assassin, and offensive caster are weak. With mecha liz coming up and your other alter ego i’d leave calvary classes alone.

Emiya would be a nice AoE archer to go with Santa altera, but if you’re satisfied with kid gil you can wait.

Saberlot is an amazing servant and I’ve recommended him frequently. Self sufficient critter with np spamming. He does lack defense, but that is what merlin, Mash, and Jeanne can cover nicely.

Zerkers are inherently fragile and you usually need to kill them faster than they can kill you. It’s not a playstyle I’ve really invested in. Herc is more beginner friendly with evade and guts skills and triple guts bond ce, but usually I find class advantage servants superior to herc. I am interested in Penth with her nice team buffs and passive battery, but she’s not come home yet.

I’d probably go with saberlot or an emiya if I were you.


If you’re interested in an Archer, I don’t think you can do better than Emiya in the 4* slot. While Kid Gil and David aren’t bad, Emiya is vastly superior to both of them, especially after his upgrades. Emiya (Alter) is also a poor man’s Archuria that, from what I’ve heard, gets a lot better with his NP upgrade. Both are good choices, though decide between an AoE NP versus ST NP.

For Berserker, you might want to consider getting a Heracles. While he does receive more damage as a Berserker, he has extremely quality survival tools and can easily be supported, at least better than other berserkers (such as your Kiyohime or Asterios). I would recommend him over a Lancelot (Berserker), as he will not really be a strong choice unless you have multiple copies (NP2 or NP3) and can later borrow a Skadi on her release.

Lastly, both Helena is great as a team-wide support who can decently complement Merlin, and Nitocris is one of the best farmers in the game when her skills are heightened. Neither would be a poor choice, especially given your only option at the moment is Marie (Summer).

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I recommend:
Lancelot (Sabre)

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Alright, gonna go through in order.

Tristan is just a very expensive David with some other perks. You’re correct here.

We are getting Santa Attila with the new Christmas event. She ranks up with Chloe in terms of offensive power, way above Tristan. Plus she basically vomits stars and helps the whole team that way.

That’s the thing with berserkers, they take double damage from all sources and deal 1.5x in return. You either need to take a defensive support like Mash, or burst the enemy down before they can hit hard. Berserkers can do crazy work if you let them.

I’d save them for a rate up or banner you’re interested in. Being that you’ve got the 2 Artoria Alters on rate up, I’d wait. They’re both amazing servants.

Hans, Tawara Touta, Medea, Cu Chilainn (both proto and regular are good), Euryale, Arash, and Spartacus

Hans is a discount Merlin, and amazing support. Touta has dodges and a party Max Health buff, which is super good. Medea has buff clear, which is amazing for pesky enemies. Cu Chulainn refuses to die and has great NP damage. Euryale has good boss killing potential and her NP hits male enemies like a freight train. Arash fires an ICBM to just turn everything into dust. Spartacus has some of the highest possible AoE damage next to Arash and amazing healing abilities.

Aside from that, it’s very important to level what you already have. If you find your own servants lacking, then take a break from the story to level them.

As for the recommendation for free 4*, I’m gonna go with Saber Lancelot, Gilgamesh, or Helena Blavatsky. Lance because he’s obscene and you could use more saber coverage. Gil for support and caster coverage. Helena for the same reason and because her NP is grossly powerful compared to pretty much every other AoE caster.


The funny thing is this will become even more valid when he receives his next skill upgrade, which basically turns it into a lighter version of Merlin’s NP.


If I were you i’d go straight to Heracles, since he litterally saves everything in late game and some challenges (I’ve had experience with that recently).
Otherwise… it depends on which team you want to focus right now.
I’d recommend to level up Euryale (strong 3 star archer), level up more your Vlad lancer and both Artorias.
Also, berserkers are hard to deal with, as they require a bit of babysitting. The ideal scenario is to stack buffs on them and do insta-kill on your enemies, otherwise they’ll likely die (except with guts, evade, invincibility or target focus on other allies).

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I think there are two directions you can take.

You have 2 top tier supports, but no leveled hard hitting ST servants besides Kintoki rider. You’re probably not going to be thinking about farming efficiently for quite a while. That being the case you need some easy and reliable way to get through hard content, including CQ and the story. A good means to do that is Ibaraki, as a hard hitting ST berserker that can fill any DPS role until you’ve leveled all your other SRs, expanded your roster, and are able to farm efficiently and field a balance team in any scenario.

Alternatively, you could go for Lancelot Saber, who is also a hard hitting ST servant. In this scenario you will have to level your servants sooner rather than later.

The other direction is to jump straight into farming to level and strengthen a diverse roster. To aid you in doing this, Nitocris is an excellent pick. Besides her, I strongly recommend that you also level astolfo, Arash, Spartacus, to give you some leeway in farming.

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