I would like to get some help with this Hana build please

I’ve been working on her for a while and I think I have a decent Hana build but I would like to get some further help

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Aether is probably not the best Special for her. She doesn’t have a reliable way of charging it.

I’m a bit confused on Null C-Disrupt. What exactly does that do for a melee unit without Distant Counter?

Also, have you tried using Heavy/Flashing Blade seal?

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Thanks for the feedback, do you think null follow up would be better? And I don’t really know what special I should have on her, I have Luna and astra on her but do you think there is a better one?

Null Follow-up would help get bypass things like Wary Fighter, allowing her to double armored units and deal more damage (if she has enough speed).

I think Luna, or maybe Draconic Aura, can be good options on her.

Alright thank you so much!! I also have her with special spiral, would that help her in any way shape or form?

Definitely. Special Spiral opens up her options for Specials, like if you had a healing Special (like Sol) then you’d be able to heal way more often.

It (Special Spiral) can allow players to open up interesting combo’s that otherwise wouldn’t be as viable.

Actually, if you used special spiral along with a flashing blade sacred seal that would allow you to trigger aether regularly. You’d have to charge it first but after it activates once special spiral would lower the CD to 3. That means that with the help from flashing(or heavy) blade she’d be able to activate it in any combat she gets counterattacked

Pretty sure @antsims93 can help out here


Thank you so much!! I’ll definitely give a try!

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I’ve built my hana to where she’s viable in both phases while still shredding armours,with your build I’d consider null follow up.

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Cool! Thank you for the help!

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With that atk you could probably run heavy blade safely with another swift sparrow. Tripple swift sparrow with close call would be deadly. A breath skill over the solo can also speed up aether.

Otherwise maybe see about using dragonfang or even astra over Aether.

You have a good hana. Hope you pull that last one soon.

Im not the best for giving advice for these kinds of units. I suppose.

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I’ll definitely take it into consideration and thanks for the help

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I think you have a good number of exceptional skills, however, they’re fully focused on dealing dmg (or ensuring it), which is great, but in my opinion, as another fellows have already suggested, I would give her Heavy Blade (better option given her outstanding Atk) or Flashing Blade as Sacred seal, because that’s gonna make her trigger specials faster by reducing their CD on every hit, also I would suggest 2-3 CD specials, like Moonbow/Luna.

If you want to use Aether anyway, I would recommend wearing a Slaying Blade+ (+spd) as weapon skill, which would trigger the special every fight or every two fights, assuming Hana is going to double against most of the foes. (Today I posted my build on her page, if you want to take a look).

Anyway, you’ve done a great job with her, congratulations :grinning:

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