Ibaraki-Douji (Lancer) General Discussion

I’ll link to Rabbit’s Reviews too actually, don’t know why I didn’t for the others.

Ok, so in my opinion I’d rather have Ibaraki than Raikou, and their kits are very similar but still just different enough to not be clones. And I get why others prefer Raikou, I do - that Buster buff :fgo_buster: Maybe it’s just character loyalty (Long ago grailed and 10/10/10 Berserker, and got to Bond 10 earlier this year as well).

Her NP gain is good enough (esp with crits) to make use of her 3T NP damage buff 2x. The relative ease of firing her NP helps her generate stars to keep the crits constant. I think the weaknesses in her kit (no hard survival and no Buster buff) are fixed by one person - Support Merlin. Sure you can use Raikou and a Support Merlin as well, but I like her having all 3 main damage buffs in that case vs. Raikou still just having 2.

(As far as NP damage goes, NP1 Banana ~35k, NP1 Raikou ~38k; both lose to Kiyo, Li, and Medusa if you have them, and Kagetora in about 9 months will just do far more at NP5)


Possibly rolling on her solo day, unsure how I’ll be approaching the SRs.
Think she’s an inferior Raikou because targetable Buster Up + Debuff Cleanse combined with everything else Raikou has is that super, and I value that level of team support more than the “I can also buff people but not be so good as to be Plugsuit/Taunt-fodder-tier” a la Napoleon/Iskandar/etc. But I also think it’s so close and Iba has so much going for her that it basically doesn’t matter unless you’re like me and care about that utility. Even then though, strong ST Lancer. I’d still call it a ‘clone’ due to vast overlap, but not insultingly (look at how I talk about AA).


I think it’s just your mindset - do you want a team buffer (Raikou, and in which case you’re not using her Buster on herself so her NP damage is going to be less than the 38k quoted as well as just being an afterthought bc you’re not using her cards), or do you want a DPS (Ibaraki)

It’s the fact that the kits are so similar (500% Crit absorb/50% Crit damage - 20% attack - remove debuffs) that they’re compared when they do have different intended uses imo.

Ibaraki is meant to take point and do damage. Raikou is a Nero Bride-ish servant who can do damage, but probably you’re using her buffs on someone else and letting them do the damage.


The option to buff someone else is always welcome, but if I’m being honest, I usually use it on that Servant if I’m bringing them at all.

Ibaraki might be a slightly worse Raikou depending on how you weigh their benefits, but they’re both quite good.

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Damn Oni bullies!


That’s okay, because Shuten Assassin got the short end of the balance stick. Ibaraki is a way better Lancer and Berserker than Shuten is an Assassin.

Raikou is tough to compete with, I guess.





well i want the one who comes home but bikini raikou didn’t want a daughter :upside_down_face:

I don’t disagree, but it’s the matter of Raikou having more uses cases at all that is the crux for me. Raikou isn’t a team buffer/Lanling first and foremost, she just also can be, while Ibaraki is unsurprisingly more selfish in design and is locked there.

Hey, I’m an Oni fan, but I still gotta be frank!


IMAGINE if they gave Shuten a 50% np battery on her guts!

Worst to first instantly.


I already want her, oh if they just gave her a battery at all…

Well, on that, I also wish Cashew got like a 20/30 charge on one of her skills, but I’ll save my wants for the future write-up.

As is, Iba? I like her. I do wish I liked more than her first though. The rest are far too… flavorful, and loud, for my tastes. … Like much of her voice lines, even if I like the ditz of an Oni having a blast.

Ah well, can’t expect perfect marks all the time.


Banana Oni is looking quite strong, I hope to get her as well. First skill looks great, second is a more useful Disengage, third is a good crit skill with a random buff or debuff, NP gives a hefty amount of stars and the debuff can be removed with her second skill.

As for comparison to Raikou:

  • 3 turn Teamwide Attack buff skill: Raikou’s has 30% teamwide crit drop rate buff, Ibaraki’s has self 30% NP strength buff and 30% NP gain buff. Raikou’s has 5 turn cooldown, Ibaraki’s has 6 turn cooldown.
  • 1 turn Self Crit skill: Raikou’s has 1000% star absorb and 50% crit strength, Ibaraki’s has 500% star absorb and 50% crit strength and a random 30% debuff resist buff or debuff. Raikou’s has 5 turn cooldown, Ibaraki’s has 4 turn cooldown.
  • Debuff Remove skill: Raikou’s is targetable and has a 40% 3 turn buster buff, Ibaraki’s has a 3 turn 2000 max health buff. Raikou’s has 6 turn cooldown, Ibaraki’s has 5 turn cooldown.
  • ST defense-ignoring NP: Raikou’s gives 20-40 stars based on overcharge, Ibaraki’s gives 30-50 stars based on overcharge and gives a 3 turn 50% crit star drop rate demerit to herself.

Though more importantly to me, Ibaraki’s design is way better. Second ascension is best. :fgo_elementarymydear:

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I would say Nightingale is a fairly good partner for Ibaraki bc of this - her first skill negates the NP demerit Banana has; won’t fight her for crit stars even when her buff isn’t active; and has a Buster buff.

Or removes the debuff with her own NP if it got on anyway.

There just won’t be card synergy.

Their actual stat line is almost exactly the same too:

9,133 Atk (Ibaraki)
12,354 HP

9,168 Atk (Raikou)
12,112 HP (Raikou)

Ibaraki has slightly better hit counts and barely worse star gen at base (11.7 to 11.8) - and has better NP gain but a worse Arts card? (I’m not always good with those numbers). But Raikou has better passives (Riding; Divinity; higher Madness; equal Magic Resistance)

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Only 2% higher, it’s not going to make a big difference. The other passives are notable though, particularly the Quick buff for star gen.

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Ibaraki does have the slightly worse Arts Cards but the rest of her cards beat Raikou when it comes to np gain, and this is before Ibaraki’s np gain buff. Actually now that I look at her np gain and hit counts, her np gain is pretty similar to Rider Kintoki’s.


I wish i didnt get summer mama so i could roll for her without feeling bad. She’s so cute and i really like her character but they feel too similar.

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They really need to stop with the whole “Buster ST Lancer” for summer servants. She’s what, the 4th one to be added in NA so far?


I think that she is good at her job of a kinda crit Lancer, her NP make her top tier for me

I grailed and gave Gold Fous to Summer Raikou, and while she is NP1, she pumps more damage than my NP1 Enkidu.

I’ll skip it but i don’t think she is bad at all, just not as good as Raikou who can be both main Attacker, Secondary Attacker or even buffer.

About her NP debuff.
Seems to me that you can pair her with Tamashark: fox crits hard.


Ibaraki lancer: loud voice, flashy animations, violent behaviour.

…i LOVE IT ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Also, a priceless addition to oni teams.