Ibaraki or Lu Bu

I just recently rolled my 2nd copy of Ibaraki and after some damage tests, at lvl 60, her 1st skill at 6 and the Combat Uniform she hit 90k on the Ember daily.
Up to this point my main Nuker was Lu Bu, but he was and still is A. 1/1/1 and B. NP3.
The question is, should i invest on her or will he outdamage her at NP5 AND 6/x/6?

It really comes down to what you want your Berserker to do. Lu Bu is someone who is basically a walking betraying force of destruction …for 1-2 turns on high end maps. With a Kscope or NP charging nothing can really match him outside of NP Upgraded gacha Servants/welfares.

Ibaraki is a far more complete package, with her survival tools allowing her to be used as a general use Servant wherever. Challenge Quests are fair game too, and she does well there as well - and she has a deceptively decent NP Gain performance. Just make sure to bring additional defense buff Servants to make full use of Morph in high difficulty quests. Otherwise, her normal performance is rather similar to Heracles.


Lu Bu is just there to give a strong nuke, Ibaraki can last surprisingly long for a Berserker and still deal high damage. You could even play with both of them and deal a ton of damage to a single target of your choice.

I don’t have Ibaraki but I do have a np 5 Lu Bu and he does two things and only two things really well.

  1. Hit with his NP like a 18 wheeler full of TNT going downhill at 120mph.
  2. Dying every time a gust of wind blows his way

Strictly in terms of damage, and provided they have A) the same skill levels, B) NP2 Ibaraki and NP5 Lu Bu, C) max levels (80 and 70), and D) no buffs from other Servants…

Lu Bu would outdamage Ibaraki.

Ibaraki, however, has better durability, a bit of team utility, and better NP gain to actually use her NP.

I’d choose Ibaraki any day over Lu Bu.


I can basically guarantee that you will at some point get Lu Bu up to NP5. And as for which one to pay attention to, it depends on what you want. If you want somebody that will deal more NP damage than anybody else can but then die almost immediately afterwards because he’s about as durable as wet toilet paper, then Lu Bu’s your guy. It’s extraordinarily hard to beat Lu Bu’s NP5 damage, but he has no survivability. However, if you want a well-rounded berserker who can hit really hard and actually be able to survive for more than one hit, Best Banana is your girl (don’t bulli her, she is a good banana and deserves to be protecced). She has a pretty dang strong NP and she has some good survivability skills as well. For me personally, I would recommend you invest in Ibaraki. She is pretty dang good.