Ibuki-Douji General Discussion

I see. Should I just use Buster Spishtar as my universal DKSO looper?

I consider art and lore to be part of the general discussion myself


If the OP says any comments are fine, then go ham. That’s all there is to it


I consider “I hate Raita’s women” alone not to contribute anything meaningful to discussion except start a hatewank circle between a couple posters. If all you’re here for is to say that you’re not actually here to discuss her are you?

We already know people don’t like Raita’s Selvaria type design. We’ve seen it numerous times all over the board. Do we need to go over that again every time someone sees a Raita Servant and needs to remind the rest of us that they hate his female art or him?

It’s not like other illustrators because it’s an unchanging thing since year 1 of FGO. His art is divisive and people coming in to shit on it are not here to change their opinions, play nice with others or discuss the character’s lore.

We had Summer Ibuki with this dialogue only a few months ago. Are the comments and people making them going to have changed? My point is this isn’t a discussion. No one’s going to talk it out, consider a different view or consider other merits - it’s just venting and if you’re lucky starting a fire.


I’ll have to admit i rolled for her only because i fell in love with her NP back when she came out on JP, i’ll probably still use OG Artoria more than her for farming but variety is good.

Exactly, it’s been so long that now i see it as normal and it does’t really bother me. I still prefer other artists when it comes to body proportions but the way they draw facial expressions is great.


I don’t know why people talk shit about any Servant, period.

Anytime I see someone posting their dumb opinion about BB, Kama, Nero or whoever I just want to lamp them so out of respect I generally keep my feelings towards certain Servants to myself.

You’re right, nothing meaningful comes out of it. Discussing art is fine, as long as it’s productive.


TBH I don’t really see the problem with people coming in to make negative posts about art/design or whatever else, even if they’re just venting. These threads are one of the only places to talk about specific characters without getting off-topic and if someone feels strongly enough about whatever aspect to post on a character (positive or negative), then they should get it off their chest.

I do agree, though, that there’s something to be said about having more tact since people also come to these threads to gush about their favs/talk about interesting characters, not to watch them get dumped on.

Also, as a side note, I think posts like that still do serve to push discussion just as much as any others since people respond to them with their own opinions. We’re meant to share what art inspires in us, not just brood over it. Ragging on those posts is like ragging on the umpteenth tier list thread after all these years: the discussion can get cyclical but people wouldn’t continue them if they didn’t feel strongly about it…or at least, I hope they wouldn’t. :sweat_smile:

Anyways, on topic: I’ve been enjoying Ibuki even more outside of the story than I did in 5.5! :fgo_jeannyes: Her easy bond levels were a nice surprise and little snek’s lines gave me some chuckles while the older Ibuki had me marveling again at Aoi Yuki’s range. Her cadence is still there, but Ibuki sounds completely distinct from other characters I’ve heard her take on.

Hopefully I’ll get to spend some time messing around with her gameplay during the dead week/s!


If you don’t like the art then good for you. Don’t roll her, you are entitled to your opinion.

However please don’t post a half foot pseudo-analysis of why the art is “ugly”. Even with a million arguments, that’s just your opinion on something as subjective as art, that trying to give arguments to support your point of view is at best a waste of time, at worst annoying to those of us that like Rita’s art.

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When I watched So I’m a Spider I never could fully believe it was Aoi Yuki doing as much as she did in the show

Even in FGO, it’s so hard to reconcile she’s both the crazy hyper daishori :fgo_daishouri: and the slow ASMR-but-good :fgo_shutensip:


Star gather and the 10-15% crit CCs on her buster cards has made her humiliate neutral enemies in Heian-kyo even when her undead boost isn’t up.

Time for more facecard tests.


Another reason to roll for Ibuki: Aoi Yuuki.


Gonna admit, forgot about command codes. Set up the ones I cared about and havent touched them in a while.

In fact I’m not using any of the 100% gather ones, so I can load up all her cards and that’s what I’m gonna do


I also gave her crit CCs on her buster cards and she has been really fun to use for clearing the Heian-kyo free quests even at NP1, i think i’ll give her mana loading as well eventually.

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I agree, her NP is freakin’ awesome. Something about sending large orochi to wreck havoc always amuses me. It’s probably the same reason I like using Ryouma and Chiyome.

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I wasn’t really fond of her appearance, especially how weird that sweater was shoed in, but I’m just a sucker for Unga BBB solo capable units. I’m pretty fond of her now after getting a feel of how good she smacks things that I wouldn’t mind going for more NP levels when she comes back. I’m a fan of the Yamata no Orochi, so I find the snakes wrecking things cool af too~


I dont need Ibuki (copium :fgo_nitocry:) because I have douman whose even instant killing chimeras and sphinxes and stacking 60k worth of curses. :fgo_spicy2san: Still sucks though…


I don’t care if she’s good or anything, but she’s a snack, so I roll for her. And I gotta say, she’s really fun to use and this is the funest and easiest non looping bond farming team I’ve ever used


She doesn’t NP as hard as Artoria, but her NP is more of a nice bonus to prep her victims for those facecards.

“Look, Buster hurts more now and I still have 100% on 2 Buster cards for this brave chain. Amusing.”

I have plenty of braindead loopers, so I need those pretty servants that are fun to actually play FGO with. She can do braindead looping when the Koyanskayas gets here.

Until then: FACE CARDS.

She’ll get her grails when lotto hits. Both dragon queens are getting grailed to 100 during the lotto.


That’s why I like her Extra-card animation, it’s giant snakes shooting fire :fgo_gaooo:



Even the smol form has the CHOMP~