IC or FB PVP Lapras?


I wanna use a Lapras in ultra league and I am in a dilemma:
I have one Lapras with Ice shard and Ice beam and a stat product of 97.06% and another one with frost breath and surf with a stat product of 98.2%. The one that will be chosen will get a second charged attack of course. Another problem is that the one with ice shard is much lower in CP than the 2nd and needs more stardust and candy.

So my question is which one is the best choise?

With Lapras you need Ice Beam…the Ice Shard just gets to charged moves a bit faster than Frost breath. Frost Breath getting to a non-baiting move (anything but surf) and yours wouldn’t have Ice beam) will take a while. Your opponent might have Registeel or fighting and be able to switch to them to face your Lapras…


I see, so you believe the 1.1% difference of stat product isn’t that big of a deal and that the extra 50k stardust is worth it?

I’m relatively new to this so I don’t know how much difference 1% makes…

Plan on using things you make for next season, too. Many of these 3v3 matchups end up being very close, in my opinion Surf is used to bait+be viable against Charizard. The Ice Beam is important for Lapras’ real purpose Giratina-A (and bonus Togekiss damage and coverage for grass)

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Since 3 days, I am at level 8, I am stuck and win only 2/5 games, sometimes 3.

I have never used a Lapras in PVP before. I have a shiny legacy IS/IB Lapras from raid days 11-10-11 which maxes at 2498 cp. I am tempted to max it up, and add a second move to it (Surf).

In a team of 3, who would you add to Lapras? I’m thinking Typhlosion (or any fire type) and Togekiss. Do you think it would be good?

I’m thinking of adding a blaziken as it covers registeel well but a Typhlosion with BB would do I guess. I would prefer sth bulkier for this role though, Blaziken falls so quickly sometimes. I think I’ll add a Granbull or Shiftry as well.
Alolan Muk is good with lapras too.
Lapras is such a huge investment but it’s good, I now am using Milotic which has a similar playstyle but without Ice beam it’s weaker…

I had a IS/IB Lapras from Sept 2016 powered to 2330 already BUT last week I took a shiny to exactly 2500 and got Surf for it. However, I haven’t used it much. At the minimum you need help against Registeel and also something that resists and attacks Poliwrath. I already have a level 41 Registeel, when I’ve thought to use Lapras it is protection vs fire bc of surf and Ice Beam for Giratina-A and it is ok vs Swampert’s quick HCs.

You’ve gotta go with the IS/IB one. Frost breath is garbage compared to ice shard. A stat difference of 1% is in no way a reason to compromise moveset. I could see the dust being prohibitive, but ya gotta think long term. Do you want to build a Lapras again or spend elite TMs later when you find out your Lapras isn’t as good as it could be?

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Yeah, thanks, it’s just rare to come by a lapras and the candy is also an issue. I have like 100 and I need around 200, not calculating for the extra move.

I know what you mean. Check rocket grunts. I forget what the phrase is that they say if they have Lapras (something about victory).

Some of the rank 8 encounters are Lapras. I’d go a different direction in the immediate time. Lapras is pretty good but it isn’t all the answers to anyone’s Ultra-trouble. Like always, when in doubt and low on RC and dust try an HC Swampert

Hi! Ice shard is a must, the best fast move by a long margin in lapras. Charged moves in ultra are surf and ice beam, you need both but you are going to see yourself spamming surf most of the time. As stated before, stat product is not as important as moveset, and I believe you have to think long term too. Lapras is an expensive investment, but worth the resources

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I wish they would fix Frost Breath or Bug Bite, actually. Like make them have higher energy gains.

I have one perfect IV HC swampert but thats at 2900 cp atm so for master league. Since I was away from pogo for 2 years I missed most of those com days.

An important note is that both Ice Shard and Ice Beam are legacy moves you can otherwise only get with an Elite TM. Both are virtually necessities for a top performance Lapras. Without them its main virtue is just that it dies fairly slowly. So yes, it is absolutely worth all the extra dust and candy. You can get Surf as its second move. It’s not about the IV difference in this case

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What about shadow Lapras? I have 2 of them with nice IVs… Worth using or better save it when I can get it rid of frustration?

dude, lapras is already such a huge investment, shadow lapras wll need so much more stardust

Shadow Lapras will need at least 1 ETM to GL and 2 to UL. This is more costly, than additional dust.

Do they say something different depending on the pokemon? OMG!!! Thanks!

Get ready to be defeated!

Winning is for Winners.

Don’t bother - I’ve already won.

The Grunt is always a female.

Beware however, they are a lot harder than normal grunts and lead with Lapras. It hits VERY hard with any Fast Move and all Charged moves are OHKO even when resisted.

Second Pokemon is Poliwrath, Gardevoir or Snorlax, again pretty nasty, just prepare a steel type. Third is Snorlax, Gyarados or Dragonite so I bring an Electric Type or Togekiss against them. I like Ferrothorn (Maxed and 2-moved) in this case since it kills nearly anything from the first 2 floors and can pounce around 60% HP from Gyarados before swapping.

But I recommend Metagross/Magnezone/Machamp, Machamp needs to have Cross Chop and Metagross better off having Meteor Mash. Swap to the Machamp right away to allow two seconds of attacking the Lapras.