Ice Pig problem

I got a 14-14-15 shadow ice pig but I have limited candy. Do I purify?

I’d sit on it and wait out the candy personally, unless you somehow urgently need a good Mamoswine asap.

But then it’s a common spawn for me, I have raid team Mamoswine with lots a candy sitting around for Mamoswine related vanity projects, is it more of a rarity for you?

I have three star level 35 one but that is it

Keep it. Atm there is nothing you need it for. Maybe walk it. I found it incredibly useful in the past raid weeks, but now of course it’s too late. Ask again when ice is great again ;)

Mainly a dragon raider presumably? How’s raid team dragon in general is probably the question.

Or looking for ML Mamoswine?

I just want something to power up and a mamo could be helpful with Yvetal but for now I will sit on it

First there is no need of it at the moment. Also in principle you can duo Rayquaza or Landorus even without a single Mamoswine. Ice type has too many common alternative options.

For me that’s too rare a shadow IV-wise to purify. I’ll power up almost any shadow if it’s going out of rotation, but generally my floor is 10 across the board. a 96% shadow swine? I’d hang on to it. The ground rocket is still fairly common out there, so you could theoretically, with patience, have a purified team of 6 at L25 (ok you still have to evolve them) for the price of a few candy.

When dealing with stuff that’s ice-weak, it’s also work remembering that Piloswine isn’t that far behind the old mammoth himself - pretty sure it still duo’s Ray at a moderate level (mid to high 20’s I think is viable). So for roughly 180 candy to purify and evolve, you could go in there with 6 L25 Pilo’s and still do respectable damage while you accumulate enough to evolve them further. Pilo and Swinub are reasonably common raids, Swinub does come out as a regular spawn thanks to the ground/ice combo and even just farming the ground rockets, you’ll drip feed candy into the pot.


14/14/15 PRIOR to Purification, or after you’ve Purified it?

Either way, I’d say Purify it. It gives you a great option to go past Level 40 with a Mamoswine. If you don’t need it RIGHT NOW, I’d say wait on it until you get a Research Quest to Evolve a Pokemon, particularly Evolve a Pokemon using an Item.

NOOOOOO! Shadow Mammoswine is one of the best attackers in the game. Walk it if you need candy. Use rare candy if you must but definitely do not purify it. And save a charged TM for the next Rocket Takeover Day.


@breese76 & @oaf I think I will leave it shadow and use some RC to power it up a bit but I am gonna wait on a rocket takeover first

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