Icicle Spear as Charge Move - Bad News to Kyurem?

Many of us are happy about the new ice move added for Walrein CD, Icicle Spear. With that and Powder Snow, Walrein will certainly have some play in GL and UL.
However, when I checked Kyurem’s MSG movepool, I found Icicle Spear is one of the only two ice type moves that hadn’t been implemented in GO, and thus could potentially become a fast move. Now this is out of the question, the only option left is Freeze-Dry, which I don’t think would be turned into a fast move, given its special MSG effect.
So it seems that poor Kyurem will never get access to an ice fast move, and even fusion to become Kyurem-W/B, or its signature move Glaciate (which becomes Ice Burn/Freeze Shock after fusion) won’t be able to save it, unless Glaciate/Ice Burn/Freeze Shock are set as fast moves, which is nearly impossible.

This does not really mean anything, they can do what they want to be honest. I see it as a fast move, for the exact same reason. I don’t know if there is something similar to freeze dry in MSG, but with flying press they did what they wanted to do, not really taking into consideration the original move.

I see Gamefreak solving this problem in the next games, they have been working together with Niantic for a while now. Kyurem getting frost breath, ice shard or powder snow in Legend Arceus wouldn’t be a surprise. Ho-oh nowadays can learn both gust and fire spin, useless in MSG for the phoenix but a saving grace in GO

Freeze-Dry and Flying Press are the only damage moves in MSG with special typing effectiveness. Since Flying Press is stupidly powerful (best charge move) in GO, I won’t be surprised to see Freeze-Dry also going this way.

All it takes is a movepool update in the MSG.
Besides it will be the top dragon attacker(if we exclude megas and the gimmicky shadows). Also even without a ice fast move it will still do a lot of damage due to its massive attack stat. While Blizzard is a meh move, it will eventually get it’s signature ice move(s?).

Now I really doubt about the dragon moveset of Kyurem-W/B. Their current movepools are just place holders, no one can reliably predict what the moveset will be when we do the fusion. The fusion is actually a form change of Kyurem, like the change from Hoopa-C to Hoopa-U. Now we know that Hoopa’s moveset doesn’t change after the form change, and this is highly possible for Kyurem-W/B as well. If they both keep Kyurem’s moveset Dragon Breath+Dragon Claw or Draco Meteor, then they’re just on par with Rayquaza, with less DPS and more TDO. This is nothing to be excited about, especially because we can only have one Kyurem-W/B like mega, but they’re unable to compete with those dragon type mega at all.

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We already have the movepool datamined. While changes can happen, they are quite seldom and most things keep the moves they get.
Also Hoopa’s moves do change when a form change happens. Depending on the form it either has psybeam or dark pulse.

I’m still lost in terms of what moves can transfer to go.

I’ve googled it and on assorted sites Kyurem B has:

Glaciate, Hail, Freeze Shock as moves, none of which are in the game as yet. But there are so many iterations of the game, I’m not sure if I’m reading the right stuff.

Is there a specific site that lists moves that are possible in GO?

I just look at wiki.52poke.com. Glaciate is exclusive to regular Kyurem, and automatically turns into Freeze Shock when fusing with Zekrom. So Kyurem-B can’t have Glaciate.

Thanks for reminding me the Hoopa movepool change. Moves can change after form change though, I still don’t think the datamined Kyurem-W/B movepools will be what we get in the future. Don’t forget how many people were surprised by the movepool update of Nature Trio Therian Forme.
Kyurem-W and Kyurem-B don’t need to have the same movepool, but their movepools need to be “fair”. Now regular Kyurem and Kyurem-W share both fast moves and Blizzard, while regular Kyurem and Kyurem-B only share Blizzard. This is unfair. If a move of regular Kyurem is shared, it must be shared by all 3 forms. The ideal case would be they all have DB as fast move, but differ in charge moves.

Where do you get the info from that we‘ll be abke to only get one of it? Sure, it is like that in the main games, but that doesn‘t necessarily mean it‘ll be like that in Go too :thinking:

I’m 100% sure about this, because it’s a core setting in MSG. If Niantic can change this, they should have let us use multiple mega evolved mon already. That would definitely make millions of profit, but they didn’t do that. The only explanation is, they don’t have such kind of authority.

I agree. There are loads of form changes out there with multiples.

I think they would be absolutely insane to not sell raid passes for the B/W forms. It’s one of the few releases left now to actually improve PvE teams. Megas have bombed, why waste one of the most anticipated dragons on your failed shitshow sideshow?

Hoopa was a one off mythical, confined was released as a one off, it got a form change, thus only one unbound.

Furfrou is a multiple catch, it got a form change, you can have multiple forms of multiple furfrou.

Genesect has drives.

Clone pokemon are multiples

Various evolutions in MSG need multiples/breeding, not in GO.

I think they can do what they want and stay as true or deviate from the MSG.

Personally I can’t see them doing even a, say, £20 ticket for one Kyurem. Maybe as an early release, but then open release shortly after, because they’ll sell more than £20/player on average with raid passes on the first run, second run, shiny run, second shiny run, elite move run…

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… or just they dont want to. There is a big difference between a fact and an assumption. Of course you could be right, or not…

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Well, seems there’s black kyurem already coming very very soon. Let’s see what it gets.

Really? An oficial announcement or just speculation? Personally I want Arceus way more than Black or White Kyurem, getting all of that in this season seems way too much, but lets see…

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It was rumors, but they sounded good, then i researched a bit after your comment and now I think it’s just BS… Nevermind. But still keen on knowing the next 5 star raid

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My memory of last January was a big build up to the Kanto event, with week-long rotations of different stuff as a countdown. I expect more of the same to be honest. After this month giving us 3 new shinies, based on what I can’t recall seeing for a while I’m saying Latis, Deoxys, Weather Trio and the Birds.

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Obviously you aren’t very familiar with the MSG mechanic of fused Kyurem. All those mon you mentioned can be obtained multiple ones from at least trades. I won’t be surprised when we can get more Hoopa, just like Genesect in raids.
However, there is an absolute restriction on the number of fused Kyurem an account can hold, only one. If someone tries to have multiple ones by cheating, the game crashes and the savefile losts. So I said this is a CORE setting. Letting Niantic changing this, is more impossible than changing Pokemon’s typing or giving illegal moves.
If Kyurem-W/B will appear in raids, what I can see is just similar to mega raids: we defeat the boss, obtain some item components like in Rocket battles, and catch a REGULAR Kyurem. After a few raids, we have enough components to form a special item DNA Splicers, which we can use to fuse a Kyurem with a Reshiram/Zekrom. The fused Kyurem can last for either a given period, or a certain number of battles (in this case you can always hold it).

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Oh, they don’t want the money from a popular mega system? Then why they want the money from fused Kyurem? There are only two fused Kyurem, but dozens of mega evolutions.

You’re half right, yes, old stuff - but it’s heatran, regice, genesect… Latter with electric module

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