I'd like to acknowledge the anonymous heroes of remote raiding

There’s a lot of frustration about random remote raids, the idiots who invite people and then bail because there’s not 7 people in the lobby. Forget them, I’d like to acknowledge those people on my (your) friends list who DO stay in, who do trust that we’ll beat the T5 with 3.

I’ve got a few, I know if they turn up and we’re a bit short on numbers, who will stay in and will have brought the right team. Not for them the “hokey-cokey” of inviting, bailing with 7 seconds left, reinviting and so on.

I’ll never know who they are, they’re often random adds but I’d like to acknowledge their effort, trust and consistency in making those raids possible and not costing me/them a remote pass.

Thank you, anonymous raiders, you know who you are!!!


This post is relevant to my interests :+1:t2:


…and likewise, thanks to those that keep inviting, even when timezones don’t match.