Idea for Divine Codes

So I just had this idea after the new update for Pokemon Masters and summoning sessions for the Hel banner were…less than ideal…

What if, at the cost of fewer Red Ephemera, we could obtain a different type of Divine Codes (we’ll call them Green Ephemera for now), and the new Green Ephemera could be used to purchase combat manuals for heroes from the New Heroes/Seasonal Banners? You could still use them for ability inheritance, but their main purpose would be to fix new heroes with bad IVs. You would get enough codes for 2 heroes per month (1 from the regular banner and 1 from the seasonal banner), and even just one would be fine because of the spark system.

I remember using Divine Codes early on to fix a -Def bane on my Fallen (M) Grima. If the same thing could be done for new seasonal and story heroes, that would be appreciated.



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It would be really cool but IS won’t be giving us that satisfaction

If it’s not a combat manual (to prevent getting new skills), but something like a homunculus, where it only adds a single merge to a unit and they can only be used once per unit, then I would be fine.

Otherwise it’s giving too much for too little. New heroes and seasonal banners come with strong skills like the new Spurrn. 1 copy from the sparkling system is enough already (and it’s priced at around 150 orbs), getting a second one for completely free doesn’t seem a good idea.


Well, they did just mention changeling in the Book 4 story. Maybe they can build off that.