Idea for new game mode/ fix for f2p orbs


Ok so, bear with me here. I was thinking about all of the complaints about the orb drought and I was thinking about way’s to maybe fix this problem so I came up with a new game mode and new recourse. The game mode would be an endless survival type thing with rewards based on how far you make it and I was thinking maybe one of the rewards could be orb shards. I think if an endless way to get orbs were introduced there would be far less complaints but at the same time it can’t be just straight up handing people orbs because where is the fun in that. Maybe it could give like 2 shards every other round or something like that. I want to know what everyone else thinks. sorry for how long this post is lol


I think they could do that and you only gets rewards for it once a day. They would also put a max round turn so you could only get 2 a day. It would still help a lot though.


I think it should be doable multiple times but maybe not for the shards but for badges or something like that.


I dont know, we already got free orbs from feh.
If its endless then can be abuse to no end, and if it is restricted then is no diferent than arena with the weekly rewards.