Pulling on the summer banner I got a Sue. I already have one with better IVs so this new one is fodder. I’ve thought of a few units who could use the skills, but today I was hit by inspiration:
Sparrow and Chill Def would both work really well on him, he would probably like getting the Hone 4 buff but I suppose he’ll live. :/ I’m basically done with Rutger as my only grail project, it would be feasible to merge him up.
Just cuz, here he would be with Sue’s skills at max and stuff. Could give him other weapons and skill too. Firesweep Axe where are you???


Incredibile spd stat , never thought about build Legion, right now I didn’t have a good infantry axe, when I finish OG Eliwood, Nino and Rhein he could be an option

I just had a really dumb idea
On April Fool’s Day, we all change our lead units/pfps/both to Legion

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Aight let’s do it, I’m up for it
Yeah, there’s a shortage of axe units in general, especially PP ones. Judging from the amount of likes I’m getting I think it’s an okay idea.


Ooh, I could give him Galeforce too
This is sounding better and better, I love it

YES YES YES (Legion va…) but don’t count on me, I’ve a bad memory, I’ll probably forget this in 2 days

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Well, it’s too late anyway.

Legion shall ascend to his true glory!



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That’s a beautiful Legion!

Also @Lain


Looks pretty meh, nothing special.

Well sorry I don’t have any Sparrow 3s…

Nah the whole idea is not really something special, you only made him a full PP Unit with a meh weapon.
In fact I can already make this build, but with a better weapon:

Well, fair enough. I haven’t thought terribly hard about it yet, he’ll get a new weapon in time. The builder pic was just for the stats really, Heck, he’s not even 5* for me yet. Just happy I could get 3 good skills from only one 5*, is all, I admit yours is superior.

I mean, you do you man.
I just think he can be made in more creative ways then just another PP Unit, just cause he’s the stats to.