Ideal GudaGuda craft essences

So here is my current support setup. I imagine that Waver and MHXA will be my most used servants this event. So my big question is, where should Sailor in White go? I placed it on Waver thinking it would be most useful on my most used support servant, but then I started thinking that most people probably have an MLB Sailor and maybe the 5 star gacha ce would be better. Any suggestions for what is the best setup?

Spawn events are largely face card farms, so I wouldn’t overthink it. Sailor is fine on support Caster since it both helps players new to the event and frees up that CE placement for returning players.

I would take down HNS and Starry Nights, though, since the event CE filter shows old ones as well as current ones. Gets annoying when too many players leave those up (AD and GS also being frequent offenders).


Thanks for the feedback. I have those ce’s up because I dont have any more event ce’s and they’re 50 chargers, what would be good alternatives?


For the CEs, anything you want that isn’t from a prior event or its gacha. Chances are that players will not borrow any of your event list Servants without event CEs at this point, anyway.


Okay, thanks a bunch for your advice!

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As somebody who rolled last year but couldn’t play the event, Sailor in White on Waver and Skadi has been very helpful.


This is from last year


tbh, I’m just being a lazy ■■■■ and grabbing the first mix mlb spawn bonus ce, despite not having any shop ces mlb myself rn

(this shop looks to be like 80% worthless to me though, so it’s w/e)

Same, that’s actually the best CE to pick as support so you can clear missions faster. I don’t really care about the shop either, i don’t have any gacha CEs anyway so farming would be pointless.

Unless you already have it as MLB from last year, cause spawn bonuses do not go over 100%

I have it mlb, I just don’t bother to use my own