Ideas for a debuffing Rebecca?

I have this to work with.

Any debuffing build is fine. Clarrisse’s Bow? Sure. Chill build? Sure. Any Rebecca builds that debuff, because struggling thinking of ones myself.

Also, I’m not deciding any builds here, I’m just looking for ideas. Thanks!

Chills as b
Smoke as c
Secondary chill as seal slot
Clairise’s bow
A defense themed A skill
Miracle or moonbow

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Not really much you can do for a debuffing build.

Clarisse’s Bow is the only bow that debuffs stats if I recall correctly.

Give her a Smoke C, or maybe dual Chills, and that’s about it.

What types of Smokes or Chills?

Kabura ya+res + chill res + chill atk seal + def ploy

Kabura ya+res, dual fortress, sabotage atk, def and res ploys

Clarisse’s bow + guard + sturdy impact + def or pulse smoke

Saizo’s star + sturdy impact + watersweep. Oh wait…

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Clarisse’s Bow debuffs attack and speed, I think? So a Def Smoke C slot is probably the best, at least depending on the team.

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@Krazytre Yeah, Clarisse’s Bow debuffs Atk/Spd-5

Solely for debuffing? Or you want some gimmicky stuff?
Cause if you want gimmicks: I’m your man

or at least something along the lines of this

@Holdvar Mainly debuffing. Like Desperation is fine, if you want that.

Well, I have a Virion that’s built solely for chip damage. (The 1* one of course) So, I’ll see what dedicated support build I can come up with
By the way, @Loresome, are there any stats that are more valuable to you for debuffing?

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Maybe I’m dumb, I don’t get what you mean.

Just what stats are more important to you. ex: you want her to debuff attack more than you want her to debuff res, etc. Just what are your priorities

@Holdvar Tbh, and maybe it’s too much, but I was thinking a Rebecca that can debuff all stats, no matter the foes. I actually already gave her Clarisse’s Bow and Def Smoke, so yeah.

It’s doable, just give me a sec. Just her target doesn’t get too many debuffs unless you want to not use a sweep skill, or not use firesweep bow

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Yeah, this is a bit janky: but here are the ideas: (Firesweep fell through because she can’t debuff enough with it)

1 - Classic Windsweep

2 - Sturdy Impact to survive combats & apply good chip damage

The Seal Def/Res is almost like a placeholder. Poison Strike, a chill skill, Mystic Boost, Guard, would probably serve you better

3 - Straight up kill your target and debuff the rest

(Luna is probably better than Moonbow, since it won’t activate in 1 combat either way)

4 - I forgot that skill existed

She doesn’t really have enough res as is to proc the sabotage consistently. Maybe a Res refine and more merges would help?

Maybe devilish bow could also work, though the debuffs from Clarisse’s Bow are just so important for spectrum debuffs

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This is my Rebecca built around debuffing on a L!Marth Team.

I’d suggest Def Smoke for the C, but it’s fairly flexible.