Ideas for a Robin M/F alt

I think that he/she could be a sword unit with the same stats distribution but more bigger for example

Great tactitian
Levin sword: mt16 calculates the damage with the Def/res the lowets value
Levin sword: Dc
Special: Bonfire
And like a exclusive seal
Plegian bendition: give -1 cooldown for the special attack if the unit have x stat bigger that the enemy

I don’t know I only know that everyone here have more imagination that me, I come back later, now surprise me


[Insert “Man of Culture” meme here]



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I would like something like a Brazen Spectrum (+7 to all stats if HP<80) with his base values in the lower thirties, all of them except for HP who must be quite high, higher forties

That is a really good idea

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Uninheritable I would presume? Lol

That way he has a good chance of surviving the first hit or hits, then he gets a massive boost for higher 30’s in every stat, maybe speed isn’t that high but that’s to avoid being broken and merely for tanking, ohh and DC in Levin Sword of course

Ohh yeah hehe I meant as his weapon effect

But then again one can inherit Brazen Atk/Spd and equip the same seal and that should make him so broken so maybe not a good idea :sweat_smile: