Ideas for AR-D Def Res

Pulled a Kjelle yesterday and debating giving that sweet A Def Res fodder for AR defense to Bike or Fike. Any other good units to consider? I really don’t tank with my defense, I’m usually all about strike fast and strike hard, trying to kill one or two units… but this has potential here.

Any ideas or suggestions? Any of you use it comfortably on your defenses, and if so which tier?


The AR O and AR D skills are memes. I don’t think many, if any, people seriously use them.

I personally foddered Kjelle for her Barrier Lance so I didn’t have to use feathers and Grails on Conrad or Berkut.


Anyone you normally run with Fort Def/Res could use it

It’s also good on armor balls if that’s your thing


Idk, maybe, but a +10/+10 is wicked if you can keep your defensive structures away. Had a friend lister with a Eliwood that had Spd Def and he was insane to kill.

The catch is I think it has to be a really good setup


You just have to make sure your buildings are protected or it would take an unreasonable amount of time for an attacker to break them


Ha, talking to yourself?

Jk, I think you hit it on the head. Structures have to be far away, and the team needs to be the kind to win in a relatively short time, and with good protection around said items.

Full armor teams aren’t my thing but a good pair of armors if the complement each other perhaps


AR-D skills aren’t as big a meme as AR-O skills, believe me. Cavlines can especially put it to great use since they protect their buildings very well, but it’s been theorized that a proper armor-ball with the right units (oppressive ones that don’t just stall) can stack the most stats and make the most out of having those skills.

Threat range is fairly important for it’s use so it’s mostly about the setup itself. What armor balls have over flier balls is their inherent stall-like nature where people might be forced to waste turns taking out buildings and not have enough time to deal with the armor-ball.

Armor-balls are pretty expensive though.


Makes sense, that’s what I was thinking. AR O skills don’t impress me but I see a hidden potential with D, if used right.

AR-D skills work best for Ranged Cav line defenses that attack on Turn 1. Makes players hesitant to actually go for the structures when three cavs can hit them in the process. Although Atk AR-D skills tend to be much better for these types of skills (Reinhardt hits two points more Atk than Death Blow 4 if no structures are destroyed). Def/Res can work, but it works best on units with inherent DC of some kind so they can retaliate mid-tank. Armor Balls are also a good idea if you have the resources


Mmm, I can see Def/Res working for hyper-offensive-statted cavs who want to survive to allow some WoM or vantage shenanigans.

And now this statement made me realize that summer has a lot of dagger cavs for some reason. Summer Linde, Gunnthra, and Summer Mia would have decent use for it.


AR-O skills aren’t terrible… They just have to be used on units that generally don’t see combat(Which might make them terrible but ignore that). My Eir has the Atk/Spd(EDIT: Actually Spd/Res) one and works out well, but only because she’s not the team carry and is normally only helpful for negating or allowing doubles after a building or two is destroyed.


Same. I still have AR-O Atk/Spd on Naga and she is responsible for successfully destroying the last enemies on the map.


Yeah, those boosts can be life-saving… but can be in very specific situations.

I have mIne on Travant because he was a bonus unit. In light season he was this (I use light mythics on defense)


AR-D Def/Res (or any from that skill series for that matter) are actually pretty damn good if used correctly. Meaning, most of your buildings will consist of all-range or instant range. For example, both Shrines would be excellent, a School works very well, the Cannon and one more like a Panic Manor/Healing Shrine that is close by and not worth going after.

I’ve fought 2 teams who’ve done this and those AR-D skills really bulk them up.

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This is true… if you’re going to have an AR O, it needs to be on a cleanup unit

Wow, beastly!

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Most anyone can with +10 HP and +4 to all stats +3 mythics.

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