Ideas for Mercedes

Alright, so I’m thinking I’m going to make Mercedes my next non-Grail project, since I recently acquired a 5* +SPD copy of her.

Right now, I’m looking at something like this:



Meloncholy/Witchy Wand (need fodder)
Joyous Staff (need fodder)
Rapport Ward


A/S Solo
A/S Bond
Close Counter (for fighting Dragons)
Any Solo/Bond/Push skill in any combination of ATK, SPD, and RES.
Fortress DEF/RES


Wings of Mercy
Wrathful Staff (Fodder)
Any Sabotage


Any Opening
Any Gap
Savage Blow

Mercedes has a fair amount of flexibility to her, though not as much as others, 'm just not sure what I should go for as a standard build until I can specialize her for other modes.

Any ideas?


Since you have mystic boost, could go for absorb for sustain?

Never tried it, but it seems like it may work.

If supporting, ovoid or rapport, and sabotage attack for maximum coverage.

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No wrathful ?

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I typically use staves for supportive offense, Gravity or Pain for example, so I don’t need the Wrathful bonus. In the case of Ovoid, Joyous, or Rapport, her presence primarily buffs her allies so they do more while she can move around with something like WoM to keep them alive.

If I were to go, say, Close Counter and Mystic for fighting Dragons, then I would certainly use a Wrathful refine. But since I don’t have any Gennys to fodder, I typically save it for hyper-offensive staves like Veronica or Camilla.


Honestly, I think that you should use dazzling for pain and gravity, and wrathful for everything else. She has mystic for heals, and her bulk is pretty ok even for a healer. Supportive offense, I’d say pain as that could apply to pretty much all teams, and for mostly support I’d go with rapport, as she can easily heal the opponent, and if self heal is also wanted, martyr+.

Witchy Wand+ is good for Rokkr and stuff. Grandscratcher is also really good and the banner is on right now if you want to nab that. A/S solo is always a great skill for healers. Most importantly I have to say this. USE TIMES PULSE ON HEALERS. It’s just :feh_bigbeauty: whenever I see that. If you can’t afford that just use some other supportive c slot.

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