Ideas to improve my Caineghis

My Caineghis has been doing wonders in AR, SD and Arena, but with the release of the latest skills I feel there’s even more potential. Build ideas?


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Hardy Fighter if you want him to tank, Special Fighter 4 if you want him to be more offensive. Anything else isn’t worth running.


Already have hardy fighter build but special fighter has proven to be way better overall. Any slot A or S suggestions?


Thanks! Actually my Caineghis is pretty similar to this. I use him in every mode and i think the best B skill is Hardy Fighter tho, Duo Chrom will always be a problem but the existence of Lethality, Deadeye and now SpSp4 too make the skill mandatory for just surviving. Special Fighter 4 i feel would be better on a near save set or certain PvE Maps with less threats. And about A skills, i move between his native DD4 and Tier 4 stances if i want more attack or the guard effect. Maybe you can also make a case for Bond 4 or Unity skills (if the Unity ones are inheritable for armors, specially if there are dagger units involved). For SD maybe ideal 4 skill too, if you want him to be more proactive.

Also, an assault troop, galeforce, Special Fighter 4 set sounds kinda cool in theory <3


Unfortunately, beasts can’t inherit Assault Troop.


cries in F!Edel


Oh shit :( that’s sad

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There are not that many options right now. If you want to stick with SF, then the best A skill would be his native DD4. Stances + breath on the seal are good alternatives for when running HF. Unities are the next best thing. Ideals are not good for tanks because they are supposed to get hit, missing on the extra stats when healthy, and armors can’t learn clash or finish skills.

For PP strategies, Galeforce + Bold Fighter is still the best.



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