Ieyasu or Botan Mana Spirals

Now that both Botan and Ieyasu both have mana spirals, which character is better to build for High Jupiter and other endgame content? Ieyasu has been my go-to shadow character, but I have read a lot about how good Botan was for HJP, even before mana spirals existed.

At the end of the day, it’s going to come down to whoever you like playing more.

Botan gains a little more from it, her skills go from 50% paralysis res and 75% skill prep to 100% in both, plus the “potent res” effect. Her attack buff also additionally becomes a crit rate booster.
Ieyasu gets slightly higher numbers in his skills and gets the poison punisher effect.
Botan’s spirals are a bit more leniant in regards to materials, Ieyasu requires a HJP tail (which isn’t much, but it is more than Botan).

Overall Ieyasu, but his spiral costs more and the boost he gets is slight. Botan gets much more powerful than she originally was, and costs less then Ieyasu to unlock 70 MS.