Which whyrmprint combination is better for ieyasu:
Heralds of hinimoto + levin’s champion
RR + jewels of the sun
Thanks in advance

Out of those I would go with Heralds + Levin’s Champion, but the other one is good two, though out of the combinations of those 4 wyrmprints I would go for Levin’s Champion + RR most likely since you only cap crit rate by 3% and then you get a lot of skill damage and crit damage.

In the end it depends more on preference I think, either combination is great. Personally I run him with Levin’s Champion and One with the Shadows, broken pusnisher is a pretty good skill with him since he already does so much damage and he benefits from high crit damage.

P.S. I’m assuming all this wyrmprints are MUB or you plan to MUB them eventually.