If Alfonse could ever get open the future

I’d do this, with my available fodder.

Pretend Bonfire is open the way. Is it as good as NY!Alfonse or Líf? Now, but it would help for scoring and being more useful during his season.
If we get a free NY!Alfonse, I’m going to hold off on merges, and see if this might ever happen.


I’m guessing this is budget? Otherwise I’d recommend Stance 4 to free up his B Slot and Seal so he could stack Stance 3 seal, or Breath so he can retaliate with OtW on both counterattacks.


Definitely budget. I have no Stance 4.


If Alfonse could ever get open the way



I thought it was open the way, it’s open the future.
That’s what I have been calling it and no one said anything.


That should work then, if Alfonse ever does get OtF


I do have a +1 L!Tiki I never use. I could use that for a breath.

It would suck and completely contradict Folkvangr

Then you could use something different.

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Yes but the only reason Alfonse is good is because of Fólkvangr. Why do so many people want him to get a special that screws up his prf?

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Because it’s the only personal special that is for Alfonse being on both Líf and NY!Alfonse. You don’t have to use it.

Tbh I thought that you were saying that for a reason, I didn’t think that’s what you actually thought it was called. Open the way does sound cool though


It’s because that is one of his lines when using a special and it confused me. Maybe “open the way” could be a combo of bonfire and moonbow.


That’s what I thought. I would love for each of the askr trio to get some type of skill in an update to make up for the lack of merges

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Though mine has Ruptured Sky for scoring. :eyes:


I wouldn’t count on it, although the idea of each of the Askr trio getting personal specials sounds interesting. It’s have to fit with their weapons though (and I’d probably keep the one Anna had anyway, simply because the idea of her going rapid-fire ham with an axe is hilarious).

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