If FGO wasn't part of the Nasuverse or the Fate franchise in general, would you still play it?

I’ve seen a lot of people say that FGO loses compared to other new gacha games in terms of gameplay and other features. However, the reason they still play is because of the story and it’s Nasu’s work.

Personally, I would still play. Even if it wasn’t Nasuverse-related, I think I would still find it fun because interacting with your favorite Servants is something that I didn’t really find in some of the gacha games I played.

Edit: So a lot of people are getting confused with what I was trying to ask and I probably should have been a little more specific, so let me try phrasing it a bit better. Let’s say that there was a gacha game that had almost the same functioning and workings of FGO but it wasn’t at all related to the Fate series, or the Nasuverse. Would so many people still want to play it?

If fgo wasn’t part of the nasuverse, it would be a totally different game? Or the most famous servants like altria or emiya would be missing, because they are part of the nasuverse? Not sure what exactly you are trying to say?

I didn’t know about the Nasuverse at all until FGO…


mean you’re at this point just saying “if fate/grand order wasn’t fate/grand order and also not headed by nasu”, given how nasu basically runs with the logic that everyting is canon

so at that point, you may as well just ask people if they’d play fgo if fgo was dokkan instead


Well, if wasn’t Th this is part of the Nasuverse i wouldn’t be here, but if somehow i finded this, on the actually state on NA, yes i would play it, is pretty entertaining game, and if i still have characters that i like, all good for me

You mean if it wasn’t part of Fate but just a regular gacha game? Because if it wasn’t part of the Nasuverse but still part of Fate then yes, i’d still play it but being part of Fate automatically makes it part of Nasurve so… weird question.

Still, if it was just a regular gacha game but with a nice story… probably but i wouldn’t have spent money on it.

Yeah, that’s what I meant. Hehe. Should have phrased it a bit better.

also, if it was just some original idea game thing, it’d be ■■■■ing dead 5 years ago

type-moon/fate branding was literally the only thing that saved its ass from jp year 1 hell


That said, the only reason I started to play fgo is because I enjoyed other fate iterations, starting with the fate zero anime.
I watched fate babylonia in January of 2020 and that’s when I decided I needed more context and started to play fgo. So the story is by far the most important thing in fgo for. Everything else from the summon rates, ui or gameplay could be trash and I’d still play, because I like the ip so much and the story is still good.

So there is no way id have started fgo if it isnt actually fgo but just another quick cash grab gacha game.


Well if it’s Fate it’s part of the Nasuverse, so that point’s moot.

If it was a title completely free from the Nasuverse, well, the story wouldn’t be as we know it. No Seibah and her many iterations, no Emiya, no Rinfaces, no Sakurafaces, and so on.

Ie, it’d be a completely different game, with maybe the base storyline the same. Would I play that?

No. I don’t do gacha games in general, unless I’m into the franchise. If it isn’t Fate, I won’t be here.

The lore would be completely different for one, I’m into Nasuverse lore, hence why I enjoy FGO (at least that’s one of the many reasons). A lot of the characters I know and love, won’t be here, or at least in their FGO form. The story would need new elements, completely different lore (at least rebranded, if nothing else) and more. At that point, it would just be another gacha game that exists in the market to me. It wouldn’t be Fate at that point.


Ishtar’s ascension art made me join the game (as I am a Rin fan) I doubt I would have even touched it if didn’t have a Rin face.

Being Fate is the only reason I’m playing. I never would have started playing ANY mobile games (beyond sudoku or solitaire) if I wasn’t for getting introduced to fgo at AnimeExpo when I still thought fgo was going to be another fate anime series…

I think I’d still be hanging around, I like FGO for the good story and attention to detail on the characters. In most gachas new units are more like trading cards with just their stats and skills, but FGO gives attention to every unit to really make them feel like a character. And the gameplay isn’t too grindy imo, I feel like it’s a good balance of grind and satisfaction as far as embers go anyway


Only learned of the greater Nasuverse after diving into Fate, so it’ll always be the greater deal to me. Is Fate – I go. Is not Fate – Probably not. Went into the gacha life for the IP, wouldn’t be here without it.

No will not play it if it is not part of the Nasuverse.

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We’ll, if we assume all surrounding circumstances were the same (game was still operational, story heavy and my friends still played it), yes I’d still be here.

I honestly don’t know all that much about nasuverse and ended up playing FGO because I was looking for a gacha to play on vacation. :feh_lucyshrug: Ended up staying because I liked the story.

So, probably yes.

Honestly if I wasn’t already a fan of the Fate Series I definitely would’ve avoided FGO, the crappy gacha system is a complete turn off. Genshin has worse rates but at least there’s some kind of pity system, if I ever start playing it I at least know my Primogems won’t just fall into a blackhole if I spend months to a full year saving

Without any familiarity to the game - or to be more accurate - where the game from, I wouldn’t have any reason to give it a shot despite the rates

Usually not into Gacha games , or even mobile games so probably not. Only got into FGO after watching some of the anime’s then read a lot on the wiki. Wondered who the hell are these Masters of Grand Order were.

20mins later I downloaded the game and have been kinda hooked on the series as whole. I can’t see myself putting time&money into something that didn’t pique my interest right away. I enjoy the characters and story too much so I think it would be too different for me to enjoy as I do now if FGO wasn’t FGO and just some Gacha game with free updates every so often.

I’d still play because if everything’s the same save for the fact it’s not Nasu, it’d still have a story to engage in, many different art by many different artists to admire, the voice acting, and, of course, the main reason I personally play, rolling for famous historical figures to make them fight fantasy battles while enjoying their design and character.

If it wasn’t based on Fate lore, I wouldn’t even have taken notice of it, because apart from some casual and increasingly unmotivated occasional firing up of Pokemon Go, I was completely ignoring mobile games at that time and pretty much a PC-only gamer (I’m effectively back to being one thanks to emulators, actually).
I had heard about FGO somewhere because I liked Type-Moon’s works, but not about FGO actually having an actual, continous, lengthy story and real VN segments, else I would have tried it MUCH earlier. Don’t even remember what got me into actually trying it, I believe it was mostly out of sheer boredom.

The rest is history, it has easily occupied about 95% of my total gaming time over the last 30 months and made me completely drop (and never miss) Pokemon Go, most of my previous PC gaming as well as what little time I spent on my 3DS.

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