If gen 1 brave units got refines, what should they do? (thread revived)

Title states the question, what refines would you like to see on Ike, Lyn, Lucina and Roy. What would work well, be unique or at least make them better against the new gen 3 units?

We’ve already talked about if they should get refines, which is an obvious yes after every gen 1 unit gets their refines or close to every single one. What should the refines do now?

Leave it to Krazytrey to be first

I feel like Lucina should get something to increase her tanking. She can be fast and take some hits so giving her something that can increase her survivability would be nice. Built in Shield Pulse sounds interesting, but I don’t think many people would want that.

And I’m not always first. :joy:


Usually first though lol

There’re still good though.
And you don’t give legendary units refines, that’s just weird.

They aren’t legendary though, they’re brave

Ah shit, my bad, to much in the legendary banner in.

Anyway, Brave Units shouldn’t get refines, that’s just weird.

Lmao just reworded it. Maybe right now it’s weird, but we’ll see later down the road if it’ll be weird to give them refines.

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Roy I feel needs the most help. Maybe a Solo refine? :thinking:


Bro Roy definitely is the worst brave unit. I don’t know whether he’d appreciate atk/def solo or atk/spd solo. Which would be more plausible for IS to do?

Legendary Eirika already takes up the fast and heavy hitting sword cav, Hrid takes the super tanky sword cav so what would make Roy special between them?

I think Atk/Spd Solo might be better since he only has like 34 base speed, but even then I dunno if that’s really enough for him.

I really don’t know how they could improve Brave Ike’s Urvan,it already has a great passive built in it,maybe,like, Wrath as an added bonus?

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This probably isn’t the best idea, but give B Lyn’s prf a firesweep effect.
Since a lot of people use firesweep instead, combine the best of both worlds.
With Lucina, maybe give her a buff when she is nearby somebody.
Roy, give him infinite wrath, tho that might be broken.
Ike is the hardest one. Maybe DC. Other options would be plus 30% health when special triggers, or Close def 3.

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DC would actually not work with Ike’s weapon. I do like the close defense or 30% more health from special though.

Brave Lyn’s firesweep is a meh though, it would only make people hate her more and I feel like she’s in a goodspot where dragons can counter her so she’s still good, just not overpowered like before. I was thinking something like effective against armored or something to help her do some damage against these high defense units.

I really like Lucina’s idea, she buffs her allies and herself, that sounds good. Dunno about Roy though.

Maybe make Lucina’s effect similar to Robin’s, but without the typical movement type restriction, and maybe as Drives? :thinking:

I would totally be down for a Blazing Durandal refine.
Cuz that would mean another buff for Eli

The weapons aren’t too likely to get a refine, especially seeing the flat stat buff they have but…
Here’s what I’d make of em

Normal: If unit is within two spaces an ally using sword, lance, axe, bow, dagger, or beast damage, grant Atk/Spd +3 during combat for those allies and unit.
Refine: Enemies using sword, lance, axe, bow, dagger, or beast damage within two spaces have -4 atk/spd during combat.

Normal Accelerates Special trigger (cooldown count -1). If unit receives consecutive attacks, damage from second attack onward reduced by 80%.
Refine: Unit heals 30% of the damage dealt by specials. If the enemy initates combat the unit can only attack last.

Blazing Durendal
Normal: If unit’s Atk > foe’s, unit gains Special cooldown charge +1 for both unit’s and enemie’s attacks. (If using other similar skill, only highest value applied.)
Refine: Unit gains +4 atk/spd if within 2 spaces of an infantry or armored ally

Normal: Effective against flying units. If fighting an enemy using magic, ignore bonuses on enemies and penalties on unit.
Refine: At the start of turn, grants adjacent armored allies one extra movemet (does not stack) and grants adjacent infantry allies + atk/spd

Might all be too long and complicated, but eh

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I don’t know much about Roy, so it was random.
I thought because of weapon lowering cool down.
I haven’t tested or used most of the units, so this was more first glance at skills stuff
Fun idea, not meant to make sense: Give Roy Human Virtue

That’s actually a very interesting Mulagir refine.

Tried to
#1 make the base effect stronger becuase I want to remove all the stuff like +3 spd
#2 make it somehow useful without making Lyn more OP.

Besides, most Lycia lords have something to do with allies, so…

Yeah but she Sacaean, I do like the refine idea though