If I dared to guess the servant updates

For the strengthening quests.
Let’s see how much I can get right.
Day 1 was already done so…

-Day 2

3* Berserker: Darius III
Golden Rule, buster up 3 turns for 30%

5* Berserker: Sasaki Kintoki
Natural body, Add 1 turn star absorb (Like Altera)

-Day 3

3* Archer: Willaim Tell
NP, damage up and gain 10 stars

4* Assassin: Chiyome
NP, damage up and base crit down to 20%

-Day 4

4* Lancer: Vlad III [Extra]
Tactics, 20% np damage up for team and 15% atk down for enemy team (3 turns)

5* Archer: Moriarty
NP, damage up and def down to 30%

-Day 5

4* Caster: Circe
Np, Damage up and base crit chance down to 20%

5* Saber: Sigurd
Primordial Rune (Warrior), atk up 20% for 3 turns

-Day 6

3* Lancer: Diarmuid
Love spot, 30% quick resist for all enemies (1 turn)

4* Berserker: Ibaraki
NP, Damage up and base def down to 20%

4* Archer: Emiya Alter
Icy Sneer, crit up 50% (3 times, 5 turns)

5* Saber: Okita Shouji
Np, Damage up

Probably getting most wrong, but I like to guess

Rank up predictions are fun. First off, here are the ones that I think are possible. I’ve highlighted the ones that I think are most likely.

All possible rank ups (in my opinion)

Day 2
3* Berserker - Kiyohime NP or Lu Bu NP
5* Berserker - Kintoki S2/3 or Cu NP or Raikou S3/NP

Day 3
3* Archer - Robin S2/NP or Euryale S2 or Kid Gil S2 or Billy S1
4* Assassin - Stheno S2 or Scathach any or Wu S1 or Nito S2/NP or Yu NP
Note: Euryale/Stheno both getting the same/similar rank ups is possible.

Day 4
4* Lancer - Lalter S3 or Vlad S2/NP or Jailter NP
5* Archer - Gil S1 or Arjuna S2 or Moriarty NP

Day 5
4* Caster - Nursery S1/2 or Marie NP or Gil S1/2/NP or Circe S2 or Sheba S1/NP or Miyu S1/2
5* Saber - Altria S1 or Okita NP or Shiki S2 or Musashi NP or Arthur NP or Sigurd S1

Day 6
3* Lancer - Proto Cu NP or Romulus NP or Diarmund S3 or Jaguar S2/NP
4* Berserker - Herc NP or Ibaraki S3/NP or Penth S1/NP or Nyalter NP
4* Archer - Atalante S2 or Tristan S2 or Helena NP or Fujino S2/NP
5* Saber - Altria S1 or Okita NP or Shiki S2 or Musashi NP or Arthur NP or Sigurd S1

As for actual predictions as to what they are, here goes.

Day 2

3* Berserker - Kiyohime
NP - Damage up, burn damage up (1000-1400), stun chance up (70-90%).

5* Berserker - Minamoto-no-Raikou
Skill 3 - 20-30% battery.

Day 3

3* Archer - Kid Gilgamesh
Skill 2 - reduce cooldown by 1, charm rate up (50-80%, guaranteed after NP), defence down 10-30%.

4* Assassin - Stheno
Skill 2 - reduce cooldown by 1 (maybe 2), defence down 40% (allows her to stack 60% def down, and 40% attack up).

Also possible that they give this to both Euryale and Stheno.

Day 4

4* Lancer - Altria Pendragon (Lancer Alter)
Skill 3 - 10-20% attack up, 10-20% self battery.

5* Archer - Moriarty
NP - Damage up, apply buff block.

Just for the memes because they seem to like giving Gil stuff, and he still has vanilla Charisma
5* Archer - Gilgamesh
Skill 1 - 15-25% attack up, gain 5-15 stars per turn.

Day 5

4* Caster - Nursery Rhyme
Skill 1 - Gain 5-15 stars, and gain 5-15 stars for 2 turns (basically, the turn she uses the skill, and the next 2 turns).

5* Saber - Ryougi Shiki (Saber)
Skill 2 - Buff removal resist 50-100% and evade 3 times, 3 turns.

Day 6

3* Lancer - Cu Chulainn (Prototype)
NP - Damage up, death chance 60-100%, defence down 30-50%.

4* Berserker - Heracles
NP - Damage up, heal 10,000 HP (level 80 with full 3* Fous he has 11,327 HP, so this is basically a full heal).

4* Archer - Tristan
Skill 2 - Remove demerit, 20-40% AoE quick for 1 turn (this gives you an actual reason to use him instead of David).

5* Saber - Arthur Pendragon (Prototype)
NP - Damage up, NP strength 40-80%

Shame that Gil was the Fate/Prototype archer, or day 6 would be the full Prototype cast. Unless I’m wrong about that. I haven’t actually read Prototype.


Well, let’s see who gets more right

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