If I had a valkyrie staff

If I had a valkyrie staff every time I 10+ a Michael Sinterniklaas gen 1 colorless unit who has been powercreeped to death but I love very much… I would have 2 valkyrie staff, which is not a lot but It’s weird it happened twice

Happened some day ago I 10+ Lucius, but due to some issues I couldn’t flex it there, so I’m doing it now, because I love Lucius a lot and he is very pretty, he completely deserves a ton of good things


+10 a Takumi and get a third Valkyrie staff :cat:


Nah I will let my sister 10+ a Takumi so she gets her own Valkyrie staff

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Make a gender f@ck emblem team with Lucius, Libra, Elm… who else?


Jokey I already got it with A 10+ Linhardt and my on going project for Libra
Also could Yuri work? I love him and I got him to 1+ with the free one

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Grats! Now Raven’s turn :feh_annawink: