If I'm lazy, will I lose a tier?

If I don’t attempt Mjolnirs (or any other PVP mode) for the week/season, will I get demoted or will I still stay in Tier 21 etc.?

Thanks in advance.

Unless you’re in AR, the game will count you as “unranked” and not count you among Tier Calculations, Total Rankings, etc. For any of the other PvP modes. Therefore you’ll maintain Rank, but get zero rewards for it

Notice that none of the sections (even the bottom ones!) are highlighted, meaning you don’t count for any of them


Oh wow, I could have sworn I lost a Mjolnir rank because I forgot to do the shield phase one time, but I must have been mistaken. That or I got counted because I did the counter phase afterward.

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Actually, having missed Mjolnir’s once, it absolutely drops you. You don’t get rewards and they lower you a tier. It’s obnoxious. I’d say it’s better to even just go in and end turn until it’s over than to skip, because at least you still get rewards for the demotion that way.


Mjolnir drops you. Arena you will stay.

Neither will provide you with any rewards, so it’s best to just play.


Much obliged. So sounds like AR and Mjolnir’s will drop you. Pawns of Loki? I wish they would let you know somewhere. Not a mention of it anywhere that I could find.

I’ve never skipped a round of PoL so I can’t say for sure, but I forgot to do Mjolnir once and dropped. Don’t really skip Arena either but I’ve seen players on my FL that hadn’t logged in for weeks and their crown count is still displayed.