If Modern Units were Released in 2017

Title says it all, this is just a silly thread for speculating what some recent powercreep beneficiaries might have for stats, weapons, and base kits if they were released early in the game’s life.

Creator Sword - Mt 16. Accelerates Special trigger (cooldown count -1).
Inb4 “Three Houses wasn’t out in 2017”
Byleth comes with the very rare Distant Counter skill, previously only available on Hector. Additionally, his weapon reduces the cooldown of his special, making him a very difficult opponent to defeat!

Brutal Breath - Mt 16. If unit is not adjacent to an ally, grants Atk/Spd +2 during combat.
Here we have an alternate “fallen” version of Corrin from Fire Emblem Fates. His weapon has the very unique effect of boosting his stats when his allies are not adjacent to him!

Persecution Bow - Mt 14. At start of turn, if units HP <= 50%, grants Atk +5 for one turn.
Bernadetta joins the game as our first cavalry archer! With Persecution Bow and Desperation, she’s extremely powerful when she’s low on health!

Mareeta’s Sword - Mt 16. Accelerates Special trigger (cooldown count -1).
Mareeta comes to us from Genealogy of the Holy War. You know, that game that has a couple characters in a paralogue or two. Her defenses may be low, but she manages to stay alive thanks to the wonders of damage reduction!

Imbued Koma+ - Mt 12. At start of combat, if unit’s Special is charged, grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res +1 during combat.
Next up, we have some seasonal alts. As our first New Year themed hero, we have Alfonse and nobody else! Alfonse is very powerful when his special is charged!

Snowy Breath+ - Mt 13. If foe initiates combat, grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res +1 during combat.
Finally, our very first armored dragon is Winter Sothis! Her already high stat total is boosted even further by her A skill, plus her weapon when her foe initiates combat!


Thracia 776*


Mareeta with 38 Spd makes me feel like a boomer


This is the funniest and my new favorite thread.

Idk why this is funny to me but it is.


Since Kellam has obviously been in the game since the beginning let’s do the opposite for him and give him current Gen Bst and kit’s

  • Titan’s Lance 16 Mt
    Grant’s Def +3. Accelerate’s Special trigger (cooldown count -1). If unit is within 2 space’s of an ally, enemy is inflicted with Special cooldown charge-1.
    (If using similar skill, only highest value applied.)

I love this. Almost everything is on point as well. Solo Alfonse is my favorite :feh_humblecurate:

I also “love” the persection bow effect. Reminds me of how terrible old Sanaki’s weapon effect was - not only did it only give 4 attack, but it activated only after combat and only buffed adjacent allies. Something like that is almost impossible to activate.


As you can see, Idunn is very bulky, combined with Dark Breath, it’s going to be hard to take her down.

Hearty Lance+ - After combat, if unit attacked, inflicts Atk -3 on foe after combat.
Refined - After combat, if unit attacked, inflicts Atk -5 on foe and foes adacjent to foe after combat.
Rudolf! His weapon is great for debuffing foes. With the Attack/Defense skill, his stats are boosted even further! He has the most Attack out of all the units! Talk about powercreep!



I’d whale just for that amazing art of Alfonse and the void


Hector’s dressed up for the harvest festival! Coming with a wizard cane and a giant toy bat, he’s raring to spook some villagers!
His weapon, Conjurer Curios+, grants him a buff of +2 to all stats during odd turns! He’s ready to fling spells with Distant Counter, and he’s eager to get some candy for Lilina with Armor October March!


The legend of Reinhardt 776* :feh_rein:


How about the reverse, with early game characters being released recently? I’d want to see how IS would’ve done characters like Delthea, Mathilda, and Ayra if they were released later.


That’s basically Larcei.


I hate this thread bc it’s so true. There’s not a single lie in how these characters would have been in year 1.


IS saw this thread, thought “hey, good idea, let’s make a 2020 unit with 2017 stats” and thus, S!Lorenz was born.


Rinkah’s Club: Mt 16. Accelerates Special trigger (cooldown count -1).


And yet people will still use him because memes


Maybe I would… if I wasn’t short on grails and fodder. :feh_elisad: And TT+ units need so many.


Okay but why they need to completely meme his kit and instead of giving him 1 decent fodder? I never wanted to build him in the first place, I’m over here scrounging grails to build Rhys one day


I didn’t know Inf Mages had 162 bst back in 2017