If our wallets fail to pull Skadi this year

Will it be worth to start saving it for the Skadi banner next year?

I will save my current tickets until the single Skadi pickup day comes and my last chances of pulling her.

I know there will be a banner for Skadi in the next year, but will there be other servants that revolutionize the meta between those time gaps?

Worth noting: I was gonna consider the New Years GSSR summon as a chance but the odds are extremely low since it’s not a class based summon, but I’ll try try my chances.


Skadi is good, but its not like she is the best…All she does is open up a new door for the meta… Stay strong and just remember a waver is better and could spook you(If you dont already have of course).


Personally Reines I think is a very strong candidate and will actively be pursuing her
-is a rider
-very defensive skillset but has 40% attack buff
-targetable invincibilty
-eventually has 50% party charge like waver
-NP is unique cancels defensive class disadvantage for 3 turns


After the stunt she pulled on me?

210 sqz wasted?

Mmm… no thanks. Skadi is nice and all, but if she really wanted to be my friend she had an opportunity: a few days ago. And she missed it. :innocent:


If you gonna gun for Supports go for waver and merlin next year.

Next Year we are getting arguably the best Servant(Attack unit) Ever that is Arjuna Alter I am Saving for him,I have 1000 quarts right now I’m not gonna roll anymore till he comes except for KAMA.


Reines is one of my targets next year. Having future second Waver, and of a different class (even if it is Rider), is hard to pass up.

I liked her even before her upgrade despite her being more niche, so I’m excited to pull her.


the fact she is a rider is a big deal to me. All the Dragon type rider enemies like elder dragons, basmu etc that come up regularly and whose attacks hit the entire front row makes bringing casters a real liability. The fact that Reinnes is taking neutral damage with her defensive skill set makes her a really top support IMO

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To be fair, after a couple of day of testing skadi (both farming and cq condition, tnx memorial quest) I’m gonna say unless you can pull off the loop, waver is simply more stable then skadi.


This can be both a good and bad thing since Riders tend to suck up a majority of crit stars from everyone else…

Well if your main attacker doesn’t rely on crits then I guess it doesn’t really matter

I’d rather she were an Assassin or a Knight class for that purpose, though. Her obscene star weight won’t matter for farming, but it is very likely to be a demerit in any team that plans on critting.

It’s hardly disqualifying, but ideally she’d be almost any other class.


Best servant next year is Chen Gong and he’s free.

Outside of him, the Reines+Astrea banner is great and Parvati+Kama is powerful…even more if you have or have plans to get your own Skadi.

Godjuna is also a thing, his banner is almost mandatory to get a copy of that 3*. Arjuna Alter is absolutely insane too, so yeah.


I’m not too concerned that she’ll suck up stars, she’ll crit more and with her deck she’ ll np more . It means the enemies are debuffed with 30% def down at minimum contniously. If I can stack it along with the crit down would be fantastic.

While I’m generally an asshole I do like to see the positives

Waver is straight-up better than Skadi, so skipping his banner to save quartz for a year just for another shot at Skadi seems counterproductive. Also, I strongly doubt you could maintain your enthusiasm for playing FGO if you spend such a long time without rolling, while watching others enjoying the servant you failed to get.

There are plenty of great servants out there to love. Don’t be so distracted by the one that got away that you can’t appreciate the ones you’ve yet to catch.

TL;DR: Forget Skadi, roll for Nero.


This, that banner is extremely good. Even if you don’t get Arjuna it’s still a win if you get a few copies of Asclepius, i really can’t wait for that servant… the support he offers is insanely good.


Ah i forgot noting. I already have Waver.

So basically, rolling for Reines, which is like a second Waver is needed, and Arjuna Alter is top tier aswell.

Sure, there shouldn’t be any rush.

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No argument about her usefulness, but I would think reines can wait until 2022 when she goes on the interlude pickup with her skill upgrade

I like how you always stay true to yourself :fgo_umu:


Hmm, speaking of non-caster supports I tend to like pairing Wu with MHX against riders. Having class advantage helps Wu’s anti-rider support role where a caster might have had trouble staying alive. Her S1 and S2 synergize for supporting and her Imperial Privilege comes at least with a guaranteed heal which helps with durability — even more so if the defense effect lands upon using it.

But one can also use her offensively specially with her upcoming NP rank-up in the future. Looking forward to that for now.


I have given up on Jeanne. I have spent maybe close to 1k on her rate ups and gssrs she features in. I have the entire Apocrypha cast most at np2+ but Jeanne eludes me. More than likely she’ll be the ssr pick for me. Otherwise it’ll be Bradamante or Ganesha as I’m unlikely to roll on their rateups


Jeanne is love , Jeanne is life. I will have Martha pray for your lost.