If our wallets fail to pull Skadi this year

Y’all forgetting about my girl Kingprotea like she weren’t good enough reason to save sq/money for next year. :fgo_gaooo:

But yeah, like some people said, Waver is just better in general and he has a banner coming up relatively soon if you want to try your luck there.

I myself will try to finally get at least one copy of him when Accel Zero’s Rerun hits NA. ~ :fgo_hokusaiwink:


The problem is there is a chance that you may fail to roll her next year too and if you save for a whole year you miss so many banners.
And in my opinion the meta is not worth this kind of investment. And you should roll for your favorite servants

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Don’t give up. You got this. Summon with 300+ quartz concentrated summon. I will be praying for your luck

Waiver is ONLY better than skadi if you can’t np loop,alot of new players were mad and called her disappointing because they lack the resources(max skills and specific servants) to be able to np loop. If you have the ability to np loop then skadi is better than waver for farming

Waver has better NP charge capability, better overall damage buffs, actual defensive support, and one of the best control NPs in the game. He’s not only good, but often optimal in the vast majority of team comps. Not only does he not conflict with other supports, he often makes other supports even better, including most Skadi looping comps.

Skadi is amazing, nobody should question that. But there’s no reality in which she’s better than Waver.


I 2nd this .

I agree in the sense that DSS is the best farming comp in terms of damage, clear speed, practical usage and no RNG at all at meme performance (You can macro it). That’s unquestionable, if you met all the requirements, your farming is just the most efficient thing this game has ever seen, way above anything Waver can enable :fgo_skadismug:

There’s some variables to consider though: Not everyone have a Superscope (you WANT one for peak DDS), there’s some (rare) situations where DDS doesn’t allow 3T and skill investment is really important, more than any other farming comp ever which poses a problem for new players.

There might be some cases where someone prefers to do a Waver farming comp or the ArcherJeanne+2Brides to have all CE slots at their disposal if they don’t need the superior damage of DDS or they prefer AP efficiency over time efficiency on Event currency. You get the idea, in some specific cases it’s not as simple.

Waver is a more complete package for most people, even more if we factor Hard Content. The peak of Skadi’s farming is higher though, just not at base level of investment and it takes some serious luck or whaling to get there.

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Slight nitpicking, but she’s undeniably better in any comp where top efficiency is achievable and preferred via Quick refund. For players with those options already in-house, a case can be made that the value there trumps what Waver offers them, especially considering her ability to replace him in many other non-Quick comps.

If I had a player with almost no roster and a guaranteed choice of Skadi or Waver ask me which they should choose, I’d suggest Waver. Otherwise it’d be a slightly more complex discussion depending on which Servants they have, which they plan to acquire, and how they prefer to play.

I never said Waver was better in every comp, I said that he’s good in almost every comp, optimal in many, comparable in many more, and more objectively powerful in a vacuum. This, in my opinion, makes him better than Skadi, even if she can be more powerful in certain teams. I also believe Merlin is a more objectively powerful servant than either of them, even though I still consider Waver more valuable (and Skadi more useful to rosters that can exploit her).

At the end of the day, if I could choose only one support Caster to own, it would be Waver.


I was specifically responding to when you said “There is no reality in which Skadi is better than Waver.” That’s a pretty bold statement :stuck_out_tongue:

I think waver looks better in formal wear.

Change my mind.


Well, I could argue that there is no evidence to support multiverse theory, so my statement was inherently meaningless. ;-)


Waver is likely better for around 90%+ of the player base who doesn’t meet the Skadi requirements.

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That’s also arguable because she has more damage buffs than Waver and she still has that 50%. What i said above was considering mid-high end Masters focusing on DDS and high-end Waver stuff with 1 CE slot or less…but it’s important to remember that Skadi isn’t all about DDS.

A newbie Master can simply use Arash with Kscope/SImaginaryAround for 1st Wave, Lancelot with any 50% NP CE for 2nd and 3rd Wave and that will do a lot more damage than the same comp with double Waver instead (60% atk buff vs 100% Quick buff+60% def debuff). Actually that will do more damage than trying to do an imperfect DDS…at the cost of another CE Slot though. That’s an example of how Double Skadi can be better than double Waver in an Arash setup.

Actually this doesn’t have to be a competition, you can mix them up if you have any of them in a Nitocris farming setup. Like this:

-AnyGoodAoEQuickServant (Black Grail) / Nitocris (Kscope) / Waver — Skadi (3rd wave goes BOOM).
Merlin+Waver with a Buster Servant with 30% Charge is basically the same thing. It has the limitations of any Nitocris setup (HP-DeathChance of 1st and 2nd Wave).

I will not go too deep into Chen Gong Buster Farming, but that setup is insane damage-wise too (rivals DDS). It uses two slots but it’s 100% Charge Oriented (no refund worries), you put Arjuna Alter there and you farm like a God since damage is bananas :fgo_buster:

Merlin falls off due to break bars but he is good if you want to drag out a fight or do a lot of dmg in 1 turn with np, skadi is braindead farming goddess, waver is offensive/defensive support who has lot of buffs and debuffs and can benefit almost any team, tamamo will be amazing once she gets her strengthening quest
for content that requires np looping, she has cdr, and she can heal unlike skadi. They are all good in different things


Daily reminder Merlin comes back next year

And a year after that

Choose wisely

All the major supports return next year, yeah. So there’s no shortage in wealth of choices: