If we get a Dive Bomb seal

I know it’s very unlikely, but what if we get a Dive Bomb seal and then put it on a character like Brave Celica with her refine and unique B skill?

Dive Bomb is flier exclusive. Specifically melee ones.


Oh ok, I didn’t know that. Thank you for telling me!

But if it weren’t Melee flier exclusive, then I think few characters would be able to tank Brave Celica with this seal, right?

I mean I’d say Celica is hard to tank without it anyway

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Yeah, but with with her quad attacking with her Death Blow 4 before the foe can counterattack, I think even blue armors would have trouble tanking her!

We’re probably never gonna get one tho


People are already running +10 Resplendant Cordelias with +Eff refine and Dive Bomb and it is basically the same effect. A fully merged +Spd Resplendant Cordy with refine and all flowers is hitting 57 Atk before A slots, equal to an unmerged +Atk B-Celica with refine.