If You Became a Crypter, Who Would Be Your Servant?

Imagine if instead of being a third rate hack like the Gudas, you were a member of Team A instead and became a Crypter – which Class would you have attempted to summon and why? Who would have been your servant? Where would your Lostbelt be, and would it have a chance of succeeding?

I’ll start:

Despite my popularity with Casters, Berserkers, and Archers in general – I do think the Servant who’d answer my call would be none other than my highest-NP-level servant: Proto Arthur (or maybe Proto Arthur Alter if he feels like stepping on my neck)

Since this would be a Lostbelt version, I’d imagine he’d be a bit different than the one we currently have in Chaldea – but I can certainly still count on his strength and his knightly ideals to be the same.

Obviously with him as my Servant, that would put us in the English/Camelot Lostbelt. I’ve been avoiding spoilers from JP and don’t know much about that Lostbelt, but I’d like to think that Arthur would at least be on par with whoever the Lostbelt’s King turns out to be.

Barring any interference from those meddling Chaldeans, other Crypters, or annoying Apostles, I’d say we’d have a good chance of having our Lostbelt reign supreme with Arthur at my side.


Lancer: Nagao Kagetora (Pan-human history)
Saber: Tristan (Lostbelt) (not Baobahn)
Archer: Galahad Alter


Hm. I have good luck with Cavalry, esp. Riders and Extra Classes, so…

If I were a Crypter on Team A, I’d have gone into Lostbelt India to summon Saver.

Rather than trying to actually have India ‘succeed’, I would have deliberately folded my Lostbelt under QSH in Lostbelt China, supporting Hinako as her partner. The combined power of Ruler and Saver would be unbeatable, and Lostbelt China would easily conquer the Bleached World, before turning on the Alien God.


Jeanne Alter Santa Lily with a Christmas lostbelt.

In this lostbelt, Christmas holiday was not invented in Eastern Europe, or by Hessian mercenaries with their trees. It is literally Christ’s birthday, celebrated annually by putting presents under THE GIANT CHRISTMAS TREE. Do not mess with this lostbelt. Cutting it down means no more presents, and the inhabitants will be very very angry with you.

It is clear that this is the version of history that should have prefailed. Opinions to the contrary will not be tolerated by the children!


I honestly would do something similar to LB6.

But if I was to be a bit more original, ancient Egypt would be my choice. Preferably a divine spirit such as Anubis, Hathor, Osiris or Isis.


why would I want to become a third rate hack?

It probably would be altera. Not only she was the reason i started to play the game but also she came in my first week of playing


My servant would most likely be Caster Donald Trump.

In this lost belt he made America great again.

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Vlad III (extra) romanian lost belt.
Being a brilliant military strategist , vlad would be an interesting lost belt king i think. Have it play out similar to how morgan was in lb6.
More of an anti hero motif.