If you could choose a Collab event?

What would you do?

Personally, i dream of a Arknight / FGO collab event.

Ah… just thinking about the possibilityes…

Saber Ch’en.
Archer Meteor or Exusiai.
Foreigner Oshiguma or Nearl.
And so on

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Give me prototype! That way Puppers can finally get his NP upgrade, strengthening, and animation updates!


Nearl in almost any class would get me to whale to np5

SilverAsh would be fun, as well.

Oh, for Nearl Meteor or Ch’en i would break my never whale again rule… just to np3+ each of them

Tsukihime or Prototype. Preferably Tsukihime though.


Tsukihime would be my personal preference, Prototype and Fate Strange Fake would also be nice.


Tsukihime ofc.
Also RE:Creators. which host pretty much same type of servants (saber, archer, etc)


Prototype. Any day. And Arthur Alter. And then I can die happy.


I would love to see a collab with Fate Extella, with that we would finally get Charlemagne, Altera Loli , Rex Magnus and Archimedes as Servants.
This would be great and I also liked the story ^^


From what i gathered so far most people want a collab that remain inside Fate universe.

Unexpected, but fair enough

I’d like another CCC collab just for Violet and Kazuradrop but honestly tsukihime and prototype would be more interesting

The important thing is that the collab is connected to the Nasuverse, I’m not a fan of crossovers with other media, like FGO x FEH or something like that


Actually, now that I think about it… Gundam collab WHEN? :fgo_insane: We already have mechas in FGO, so where’s my Char Aznable as Avenger of 0079 ver and Rider as 0087 Zeta ver? :fgo_insane:

Tsukihime, I really want to have Arcueid no matter the class

Avenger would be great for her or Ruler^^
I still dont get it, why FGO didnt hade a collab with Tsukihime and they could name the event “Carnival Phantasm” XD

Arcueid in Extra was a berserker so it’s likely they’ll keep one version of her in that class if she ever comes to FGO.

Ruler or Avenger would be cool for Archetype:Earth
if they made them as a separatelly servants. like shiki assassin and Shiki Saber. Arcueid Berzerker and Archetype:Earth Ruler or Avenger.


Tsukihime and Prototype.

I’ll also throw out the unpopular opinion that I never want a crossover outside the series. Trying to reconcile different continuities and world building is a mess. Sometimes, things can just be separate.


I would love bloodborne ft FGO tbh imagine the lore of Bloodborne Colliding with Fgo.

Fate/strange fake for OG Ishtar.
Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver for having Serenity and Brynhild in the spotlight. I’d love that.

Edit: Oh and of course, obligatory Tsukihime wish.