If you could get any person/character to be put in FGO who would it be?

Personally I would want Saber from FSF(Artoria Fan-Boy) or like True Rider. Also ProtoGil needs to be in because they have ProtoCu and also ProtoMerlin.

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I’m still waiting for a CCC Fox Tail collab


An angel.

Not only have they barely been mentioned AFAIK but YHWH is not just still alive but also has a very large amount of followers (2/3rds of the human race) in the Age of Man while other gos just became Divine Spirits. Can an Angel even die or be registered in the throne at all? IDK, Yu could and she was a elemental/vampire.

Saber Mark Hamil

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If anyone is interested in actually statting their characters out, feel free to revive one of my favourite threads on this forum.




I need to get back to making Servants again. :fgo_gudako:

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Ada Lovelace, the first programmer. If we can get Edison and Tesla we can get her, please.


Meanwhile, these boys are still nowhere in sight…

On another note, support Nietzsche (maybe Caster, Zerk or Avenger), I would eat up.


John Wick deserves to be a heroic spirit. How the hell can he be in Fortnite and Cyberpunk 2077, but not Fate. Also give Neo costume. Pls and thnxxx.


Same :) She’s my second favorite from Fate Strange Fake

- creds to artist btw(not sure of the artist’s name).


It feels like we have this thread every 5-6 months :^ /

If already existing servants : Fatih Sultan Mehmet as an archer or rider
If alternative versions:
berserker hyde or 5 star medea from a timeline in which she kept practising magic instead of going with jason.
Maybe even 5 star serious blackbeard

From history:Seyit onbaşı as archer or berserker

Genghis hun /Gengiz han as rider/archer

Tarkan as berserker



I idea that came when we were talking about the adaptations of some myths Brunhild, you can also know her as Totally not Brynhildr from Nibelungen by Richard Wagner.
I think that she could be something like a pseudo servant because Brunhild really doesn’t exist but as even servants that doesn’t really exist can become servants she could be a interesting pseudo servant.
I could make this in the servant design thread but i’m not sure how to do her different enough from Brynhildr for now

If I have time, I’ll hit up the Servant design post, but are some I’d like to see.

  1. Maui, the Hawaiian demigod. Maybe DW could get The Rock to be his VA? I think he’d be a 5 star Ruler with an offensive lean.

  2. Asgardian Warriors 3 (Fandral, Hogun, and Volstagg). Make them all 3 stars, with 1 each of Saber, Berzerker and Assassin.

  3. An-Nasir Salah ad-Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub (Saladin). He’d be a 5 star rider.

  4. Shaka, the Zulu chief. A 4 star lancer.

  5. Mulan, the Chinese folk hero. She’s a 4 star saber.


She looks like an ARMS character

I’d love to see more authors. So far in FGO there are only these. *cmiiw

Lovecraft as a Foreigner would be beyond great.
Dazai and Akutagawa with self-yeeting mechanism would be perfect, or a useful self-debuff on Dazai case.

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Would love to have Nagayoshi’s brother, Ranmaru

Personally, I would love to have another original heroic spirit like emiya

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Alexandre Dumas from fsf, just because I desire any form of communication between him and Edmond Dantes.

Egyptian deities (anubis, osiris, ra, iris etc etc) because Egyptian mythology is super fun and interesting.

Thor, Baldr, Hela & Loki from Norse myths.

More scientists. Einstein, madame curie etc