If you could get any person/character to be put in FGO who would it be?

Genderbent Loli Jesus. For lolz.


For girls:

My first choice is Touko

But shout out to Liu Xiu, I know nothing about her except that she’s from a fan-made game and that she’s pretty

Edit: And Touko’s sister


For guys:

Definitely Avenger Hamlet or Kondo Isami to have more of the Shinsengumi crew

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Lovecraft as a Foreigner would certainly fit well the FGO universe.

It would be nice to have more servants based on African mythology (not just Egyptian). I hope that at least they bring Nzambi in the future:

But what I would really really love is Jesus or Muhammad as servants, if only to watch the shitstorm unfold :fgo_bbgrin:


Morgana though or maybe like Flood Story people: Noah, Utnapishtim, etc. Oh wait what about like the Lady of the Lake?

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Oh wait

I totally forgot to say Morgana, Lady of the Lake, Galahad, and Guinevere in my answer.

Although, I just assumed we’d get Morgana for LB6 ngl.

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no clue who this is but I like your taste

They could do the 4 most famous archangels.

Michael: 5-star ST Arts Avenger QAAAB Divine, Angelic, King, Heaven

  1. Angelic Charisma EX: Teamwide 3-turn 10-22% Attack Boost, NP Boost 15-25%, Gain 10-20 Critical Stars for yourself 7/6/5
  2. Vanquish All Evil: 1-turn Pierce Invincible +50-100% Damage to ‘Evil’ and ‘Demonic’ enemies 8/7/6
  3. Font of Heaven: 30-50% NP Gauge + Evade 1 turns

NP: For His Glory A

*Deal Significant damage to a single enemy
*Inflict burn


Burn (2000/2500/3000/3500/5000)

Gabriel: 5-star AOE Buster Berserker QABBB Divine, Angelic, Riding, Star

  1. Heavenly Strength: Self (1-turn) 30-50% Attack Boost, NP Boost 20-40%, Increase Star Weight by 500-1000% 7/6/5
  2. The Buster brought ME back: Teamwide Buster Boost 20-30% (3 turns), Guts on self 1 time/3 turns (500 hp) 8/7/6
  3. Shield of Heaven: Teamwide Defense boost 30-50% 3 turns + Additional 50% Defense Boost for all Good servants including Self

NP: Behold His Wrath A+
*Increase Buster before attacking (20/25/30/35/40)

*Deal damage to all enemies.
*Pierce Invincible for enemies with ‘Evil’ or ‘Demonic’ traits

Restore NP for Self (30/35/40/45/50)

Raphael: 5-star AOE Quick Lancer QQABB Divine, Angelic, Child, Heaven

  1. Twinkling of an Eye: Teamwide Quick/Buster boost 20-30%
  2. All is Well: Debuff removal from self. 50% chance of debuff removal from team. 8/7/6
  3. Heaven’s Grace: Restore HP per turn for 3 turns (600-2000) 7/6/5

NP: Horn of Gabriel A
*Deal heavy damage to all enemies.
*Restore 3000 HP to all Allies with ‘Man’ or ‘Earth’ attributes

Unremovable Teamwide guts, unstackable (1/250/500/750/1000 HP)

Lucifer: 5-star AOE Arts Ruler QAABB Divine, Angelic, Demonic, Dragon, King, Threat to Humanity, Star

  1. Always a Price, Dearie: Teamwide heal 30-50% of health. Restore NP for Self by stealing 20-10% of NP Gauge from team members [Amount lost by Allies decreases as skill rank increases] (Demerit) 7/6/5
  2. Deal with the Devil: Teamwide Invincibility and Crit Stargen (2-12 stars per turn for 3 turns). 50% chance of inflicting 500 hp burn each turn (Demerit) 7/6/5
  3. Morningstar (1-turn): Arts boost 30-50%, Gain 20 stars, NP Gain 40-60%, Guts (Removable) 2000 HP 8/7/6

NP: The Greatest Trick He Ever Pulled EX

*Remove All Traits/Attributes except ‘Threat to Humanity’ from Self and change attribute from Star to ‘Beast’ (3 turns)
*Increase Attack for all Allies and Enemies (10/15/20/25/30%) (Demerit)
*Decrease Defense for All Enemies (10/15/20/25/30%)
*Remove Buffs from All Enemies
*NP Gain +50% for Self

Curse/Burn/Poison on all enemies


Friedrich Nietzsche as a Heroic spirit? Can you imagine what would happen? The world would explode. The universe would end.


Listen, and I shall teach you of the Superman
(Nice username btw)


@MrYggdrasil That’ll be the moment DW being treated as threat against humanity :fgo_jeannu:

Now, thanks to your pfp, I can only imagine Souseki as a black cat should he comes to FGO, all gloom & grumpy :fgo_shiki_cat:

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Welcome to the community! :slightly_smiling_face:

And thanks for the compliment. Hopefully DW graces us with the Übermensch. :fgo_bbsmile:


Nietzsche would be a very* fun one. I feel like they would almost inevitably misconstrued the subtleties of his philosophy — so like the avenger class would be a very awkward choice — but that’s one of the many questions.

I definitely support Archimedes. Would 100% roll if they were to add him, though of course, there’s always the two years wait.

I’m still hoping for Athena too. One day.


The larger the mustache the better.

The NP or one of the skills could be “The Will to Power.” I’m feeling pretty motivated to make a fan kit out these now actually — one of my top favorite 19th century philosophers along with Hagel and Marx.

Actually can we have Marx too? :fist: :hammer_and_pick:

Edit: Welcone to GP by the way. :wave:

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That’d be King Richard I, the Lionheart. Apparently, his NP is basically “everything I touch becomes Excalibur”

I love you for saying this. I can only hope they choose to revisit the KNK event in JP and end up adding Touko and Aoko as pseudo Servants or as themselves, since both are extremely important characters in the Nasuverse

Touko is a magical puppet master with some sort of Mystic Eyes and Aoko is capable of controlling time to the point where she can jump from timeline to timeline (Arcueid, of all people, mentioned she wouldn’t dare to mess with her)

Sounds familiar?


It is fun to think about what they can do with him. His philosphies and writings can just go in many directions and imagining how the fate franchise can interpret, implement and distort them and his character excites me. Aside from inventors, scientists, musical and literary figures, the fate franchise needs some stepping up in philosophers.

As for Archimedes, he’s definitely one of the more interesting Casters. The depictions of his machines of destruction especially Katoptron Katopregon in Extella definitely needs to come in FGO. Would roll for him and Karl too if they ever come.


The archangels were mentioned, I’d love to see what Fate would do with them, especially if they base them on how they’re described in the Bible (more mechanical or even monstrous in design) but I imagine they’d probably make them pretty like GBF did.

Edgar Allen Poe and Abraham Lincoln are two I’d love to see added as well, for American history examples. And just for the shenanigans that would unfold with Da Vinci-- the other famous Italian Renaissance artists.


uh uh eh William Marshal and Julius Caesar

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I think they could do the monstrous design for when they were boss fights, but as servants they would have to be pretty or masculine, I think.

I would also like to see Poe as another bronze mage.

For some reason, I instantly thought maybe he could cast a “Death Clock” debuff where an enemy dies after 3 turns, but the debuff can be resisted.

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I’d just love to see what direction they go with his design. And plus, seeing a heated debate between Shakespeare, Hans, and Poe sounds way too comedic to pass up