If you could go back to the first time you summoned

Simply what the title says. What servant do you wish you could experience summoning the first time? What I mean is, that excitement of seeing a card shimmering gold to reveal the one you’ve been hunting for or that reveal of a childhood hero becoming a servant in your Chaldea. It doesn’t have to be SR or SSR but I’ve noticed it can definitely be that. So, I’ll start. I have two actually.
Saber Artoria: one of my oldest servants (and still my ace!!!) hearing her say her famed line “I ask of you, are you my master?”. I was talking to a friend about how nice it would be to have another Saber (I had Lily at the moment and it was my second day playing) and for the hell of it I rolled because who knows. I saw the orbs flash gold (which I had never seen) and it revealed a golden saber card. I (being extremely new) thought I had gotten another Saber Lily and was very happy…until I saw blue instead of white and my mouth dropped open in shock. I would love to experience that day again, just for that reaction haha.
Saber Mordred: this one is almost as old as Artoria, she came on London’s first day and that was the one I would be actively hoping for (I had just seen Apocrypha and fell in love with her Character the moment she appeared and I told my friend I had to summon her.) that ticket went into the Gacha and it revealed a silver saber card that crackled gold. I remember squealing happily as her call of “Saber, Mordred! Is my father here?” Came through the phone speakers and I distinctly remember saying “Yeah she’s here!” And imagining Artoria just groaning In annoyance. My Lion Cub is now completely maxed out on everything XD
Those were my two I wish I could Summon for the first time (yes I know we can see the summon again, but the feeling we get from that first time isn’t as strong as it was that first time.) so I have to ask…what are yours?


Is this basically who we got the most excited for when got them and want to experience that again? :thinking:

For me I guess it’s gotta be Proto Arthur. Was still just about less than a month into the game, it was the 6th day of the Chaldea Boys campaign. I was thinking to myself before about how it was sad I’d be getting that Special suit of his when I don’t even have him.

Then I just chucked the 6th ticket he gave us at his Banner cause :pkmn_wynaut:, saw the Gold Saber card and stopped breathing, and there he was. I spent the next few minutes freaking out cause I didn’t expect it whatsoever. He’s been a cornerstone of my Chaldea since, and one of my favorite guys in this game overall.


Well not the first time, because I just happy when I summoned Emiya, but nothing special.

Now if I want to experience the ecstasy of getting a servant it would be getting BB again for sure, it’s so much of a blur what happened at the time, I only remember that I was farming QP and embers non-stop just to grail her to 100 and max her out completely. I would definitely want to experience that rush again, maybe, just maybe Summer BB can give me that


Yes, I’m going to say it every time I see this sentiment: Arthur needs more love and appreciation :heart: And I’m really happy seeing people genuinely liking him.
He may be Tier 6 in the GamePress list, but he’s Tier Ex in my heart :heart:

On the topic: yep, I’d gladly re-live my summoning him as well :heart: Since he was the reason I started playing FGO at all…

I’d also love to re-live Hijikata’s summoning since it was after failed attempt at Okita and 52 spent tickets, and then I threw the last remaining 6 tickets in hopes that… well, no hopes, really, just because those legs begged me to try and summon them. And then - BAM - Hijikata-san comes on the 6th ticket. So much joy :sob: :pray: :heart:


It’s very recent but Sherlock. I had wanted him since day one of me playing the game and when his banner came, I didn’t get him. I kept trying and trying and on his last day, I used some of the sq and tickets from the summer banner revival and he just popped up. I didn’t know what the ruler card looked like and I was super tired so it took me a second to realize I got him lol. He got up to lvl 100 and 6/5/10 that day. He is now used very very often and sits at 10/10/10


Merlin. Jumped out of my bed when I got him. Never had a reaction like that again


There are actually two for both NA and JP, that I’d like to share then.

As for NA:

Nero Bride during Nerofest of 2017.
Back then I was playing FGO rather casually and hadn’t gotten too invested in it at that point. I did one or two 10-Rolls on the banner, just for the fun of it. Didn’t expect anything, tbh. So when that golden Saber Card appeared, I first thought it’s another copy of OG Nero. I totally flipped when Bride showed up. I felt really ecstatic and my hands started shaking. It was at that point that I went straight to the menu and requested a Transfer Code, to make sure I’ll never lose this account.

Second one was OG Arturia a month or so later. There have been some Singularity Banners, so she actually had a Single Rate Up. It was also around that time that I felt kinda sad, because I had this thought: “What if Saber never spooks me? What if I’ll never have her? Never having the face of the franchise and completing the FSN-HGW in my Chaldea.” She felt completely out of reach for me for some reason. Just someone really special, if you get what I mean.
That’s I went crazy when she appeared with just one 10-Roll on that banner.
By now she’s even my only SSR Saber at NP5 thanks to 3 spooks and me rolling for MHX Alter on her shared banner.

As for JP:

I started on JP last year during Saber Wars II, which was beginning of November. There I got Space Ishtar right on the first day. But that’s not the one I’m talking about.
The thing is, afterwards I had a really terrible streak of luck. I went pretty hard on the Skadi-Banner with no Skadi-results. Then I rolled on story banner a few times for the sake of widen my roster. No SSR.
Almost four months later, end of February, the DL Campaign with Ereshkigal on Rate-Up happened at that time. At that point, I had gotten so impatient to get any new SSR, that I kept using my Quart as soon as I got them, so I was basically empty on SQ and only had the monthly 5 tickets from the shop. I went with absolutly no expectations and almost frustration to that banner. Even batter that F°°king Fionn was on Rate-Up as well. I think it was the second to last ticket. The Lancer Card appeared, it started sparking, and I already saw the green fields and white-blue-armour of Fionn before my very eyes.
I still remember to this day that extreme relief and happiness I felt when the dark colours showed up. I shouted really loud “YEESSS!!!” which I think even my neighbours heard very loud and clear, but at that point I couldn’t care less. After months I finally got another SSR on that Server.

The second one is Musashi during the 20M DL Campaign.
I did some singles there as well and actually didn’t want to spend too too much, because I wanted to safe some SQ for Scathach, as I was lacking a strong ST Lancer back then.
I think it was the second Single. The Golden Saber Card appeared and I couldn’t believe my luck, as Musashi is one of my favorites Servants in the game (but I already have her in NA, so I would’ve accepted it, if she didn’t appear). Regardless, when her card unveiled, I was really shocked, I literally jumped up and sat on the backrest of my couch, staring at the screen for almost five minutes, because I totally couldn’t believe this actually happened. It felt so unreal

So yeah, those were probably my most memorable summonings. Well, memorable in a good way.


I abandoned an acc with heracles as the tutorial 4* because I decided I would rather have emiya to give myself actual tangible reason to keep playing, so after several increasingly frustrating rerolls, when I did get him I jumped out of my seat and squealed at my friend. Also excited that OG Cu was one of my first 3* from that roll.
when Gil came within my first 10 roll of his banner was also quite exciting and surprising, who knows he would be so eager to come and call me a mongrel


The highest high that I had when summoning was when the 1st Ishtar banner came out and the monthly tickets reset as well. Funny enough, I was at the shitter on 2nd base and thinking to waste the remaining tickets I had, I thought why not do a summon on the Ishtar banner for shits and giggles. Oh an archer card what could it be, then bam Ishtar. Second was I was at a job interview and was waiting for my turn and coincidentally, the monthly tickets did reset and thought that my turn would possibly take a few minutes and just blew it on the current banner which was the CCC event and Meltryllis is in rate up but I was really interested on the 5* CE. I just rolled and ignored the summoning animation while I’m looking at my requirements and thought what’s taking the game so long to load. Then Bam have a Melt. I was so pumped about that day and it served as a good luck charm for my interview and luckily I was also hired after the interview. Thanks so much for taking time to read my story. :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t really know about this. But my first SSR was a Rainbow Waver spook on a Gilgamesh banner. It was a bittersweet experience at the time but right now I thought it was the perfect start. I wouldn’t change anything even if it were to happen again since it really expanded my view on the game’s gameplay rather than play favorites right from the onset. I do admit that I probably would’ve been more hyped if my first SSR was Gilgamesh since I am a big Zero and Extra fanboy.


Definitely not Abigail, while she was the 2nd servant i wanted the most summoning her has been excruciating and i never want to experience that ever again.

For Jalter there was a lot of anxiety involved but luck was on my side there and it was an amazing feeling when i got 2 of them plus OG Jeanne moments later, i never experienced something like that ever again. I’d love to feel that excitement once more but it will never be the same again even if there are other servants i really want, it was just the highlight of my career in this game.


I actually managed to summon exactly who I wanted years ago when I first jumped into FGO. I really wanted to start the game with Elizabeth Bathory, but I couldn’t be bothered with resetting everything like I know some people did to start with an SSR. My starting roll got me Elizabeth and d’Eon though, so I was happy.

If I had to choose though…Melt. She’s evaded me every chance I had so far, and even though it’s not possible to summon her on the initial story banner roll I can dream damn it!


You know Aquiles, right? The legendary hero that his weak point was in his heel, well i was kinda attached to him, and don’t know why nor why i knew him in the first place, when i was a child i knew only three legends at supeficial level, King Arthur, Hércules and Achilles, i knew Arthur and Hércules from the Disney movies but i didn’t know why or when i learn the basics of the character of Aquiles, he was a super invincible hero that have a super weakness in his heel, but i somehow ended up pretty attached to him, then i knew him in Fate and i love it, when i try to summon him i fail at the first try and after days of rolling all that i get i give up on geting him so i deside to just roll to get ce’s for the rerun when sudently the summon freezes, then the rainbow rings appear and a Rider card appears, when finally is revealed was Aquiles, i was super happy and i was even more when i hear him say “you hit the jackpot!” And then he begin braging about been the legendary hero with the weakness in his heel, i love him so much, i post h in like three threads when i get him because i was so happy for geting him


Oh I TOTALLY agree there. He’s known in my friend group as the Prince who broke my heart because I didn’t get him the first time he was around. This year was different, I nearly cried when I saw the gold Saber card and burst into happy tears when I saw him. He’s now level 100, working on the gold fous and 300k from hitting bond 10


I would love to relive the moments I first summoned archer Gil and Achilles :fgo_ereshlove:. I was making lunch when I got Gil off thanksgiving banner, and lunch turned out great :fgo_umu:. Achilles took his sweet time popping out of his debut banner, but seeing that gold rider card reveal him as I lost hope was great. I’m glad he did not intend to make me wait for him to spook me :feh_navarreculture:.


Oh I agree there. I remember yelling at the phone “IF YOU COME I WILL GRAIL YOU” as my last ten roll went in. Freaking last card was him after a Helena spook! He’s level 92 XD


If i could go back, It would have to be the time on my very first True F2P account.

I was rolling on a class banner(s) and the only SR I had was my tutorial Elizabeth… I had a little over 30 Quartz and no hope in actually getting anything, I was on there verge of just abandoning my account, So I used my quartz on caster banner… 4th roll in a Waver appeared , I was absolutely thrilled! Did a little victory dance and everything(Glad no one saw me) .

Seeing that waver filled me with determination! So i went to farm some Quartz from what I had left during the Story / Free quest. I have maybe 12ish quartz, and the Extra class banner was here and a few mins from leaving. I threw in 3 yolo rolls, and before my eyes a wild Jeanne De arc appeared! A victory dance was soon followed! (Still no witnesses).

It was all rainbows and sunshine in the coming months…But due to a very bad and stupid mistake, I no long have that account and always mourn the lost of it.

Edit: Sorry did not mean to reply to your thread Sparklez, Meant to just post in this normally lol


I guess I should have been giving my JP one too. I remember squealing when I got Gareth Because I had fallen in love with just seeing her character sprites and she’s currently my highest level servant at 100 and certainly one of my deadliest. Saber Artoria was a happy one here too. I was down because I didn’t get Arthur on my NA gssr, I then roll the story banner in JP just for the hell of it it. I distinctly remember saying “Who knows, maybe I’ll get Arto-.” Aaaaaand that’s when I saw a golden Saber card. I got one King Arthur that night!!


I’m so sorry for the loss :( hopefully the Gacha blesses you with good and strong servants on your new one, but still…that had to sting.

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It burns oh so much