**If you get salty easily, please dont read**

I’m sorry to do this but I have to tell someone and my wife and most of my friends do not care in the slightest so they wouldn’t understand my HYPE!!!

I recently spent ~450 sq trying to get stupid Jack when she was with Jeanne. Ended up never getting her. I was so sad and frustrated. She and Merlin were 2 that I desperately wanted so I also had ~350 sq for Merlin. Got him kinda early so went ahead and tried for np2 (not looking for much of anything else until cas skadi next summer and maybe Hassan in Movember). Got a freaking Jack and Waver spook me!! When Jack spooked me I almost shouted “[email protected]$K YEAH!!!” at work. I couldn’t be happier to have actually gotten both. Still no Merlin np2, but I’ll call it an absolute worth!!! My weakest area was assassins. So PUMPED!!!

If you’re still here and not cursing my name, may I wish you all the luck on your future pulls.

May the Quarts be truly Saints and bring you what you want.


Gratz man! Jack showed me the power of crit (and charging NP with AQQ or even QQQ). And I used support Merlin on almost every difficult quest before I expanded my roster (and learned that buster dmg is not the only way to go :smile:). And of course Waver - the staple of most of my teams (pair with a support Waver and you can load someone’s NP in a single turn also boosting the damage at the same time… Change one of them for another support servant (Merlin!) with plugsuit, boost even more and you’re dealing ridiculous dmg).

Jumping on the bandwagon: today I got Merlin from summon tickets that I got from Nero Fest’s CQs. Got him to 90 with that loads of exp cards from Nero, still lacking some materials for higher skill levels. Still I’d love an NP2 or NP3, but my self-imposed allowance on FGO makes me wait :slight_smile:


Congrats, share your luck please :smile:

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Thanks!!! Yeah, that’s one of the biggest reasons I’m excited for her. I’ve been playing Waver + cu alter + support Merlin and it’s been really fun but I feel like I’m almost missing out in a big part of the game, not switching up my team comps and messing around like that. I feel very confident in my buster knowledge but I’m not even overly familiar with my arts teams and I know next to nothing about crit teams. I mean, I know the concept but I’m, now, trying to really get comfortable and confident with any and all types. Now is just finding the best team I can make with her and just get comfortable with how it functions.

Congrats on your luck!!! I’ve NEVER gotten anything even decent on my solo yolo pulls but it always brings me hope to hear it worked for someone else. What’s even better is it was with the tickets from those super hard quests! Now THAT, my dear friend, is a real reward.

I’m sure you’ll be able to get him up quick! I have been waiting for this summon for long enough that I’ve spent a lot of these summer campaigns specifically farming for things that Merlin and Jack would need in the hope I would manage to get them. I think that’s why I’m so excited now and was so disappointed when I didnt get Jack on her summon. I’ve been grinding and have both preped for 90 and 10/10/10.

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All the luck and good vibes to you!!!


Grats on getting them! I got Merlin in 5 tickets, after waking up from my nap. Not expecting him, so I only have the mats for a certain shirtless Goldie :fgo_umu:. Still good to know that one day, I’ll be able to use my own Merlin :fgo_umu:.

The 2 tickets I had from nero fest gave me Saber Gilles and a 3* ce.

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It’s always a good day when jack decides to spook you. I’ve had 3 of those days myself.

Still waiting for the waver spook…and the shut in ignored my tiny stash of tickets… Oh well. Still got 10 tickets coming before he becomes a shut in for a loooong time.

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Gratz man, with your blessings I feel that i can get Merlin now

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I hope you do!!! Share the joy when it happens!!

Haha, I’m gonna be honest, I’d still be pinching myself if I got him off tickets after a nap. I’d be 100% sure I was still dreaming. Lolz. And even if you weren’t ready for him, I bet having him in the back pocket does feel super good.

And I hope you get your shirtless boy!! People can argue if he is best boi, but he is for sure a buff boi. Dat np is thicc. Lolz.

Magical good vibes activate!!!

You got this 100%

Oh man!! Those must have been 3 very good days!! Haha. And I believe your waver is just around the corner!! I can feel it. No doubt!!! THE SPOOKS ARE RRRRREEEEAAAAALLLLLLL!!!

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Congratulations, your trouble with women are gone now. I’d rate Jack higher than Weaver and Merlin considering how weak the rest of the assassins are :smiley: , also welcome to bone hell.

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Congrats man! I am honestly happy for you! Assassin is the only class where I have no SSR characters. As much as I would be thrilled to have your luck and getting Jack myself, the one assassin I am aiming for is KH when he gets his next rate up in a couple months. About Merlin… I would roll for him but I actually like my Waver better, and everytime I need one, I borrow from my friends list.

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Lol, I’m actually gonna pull for him too. Assassin was also the only type I didnt have an SSR in. I’m not expecting to get him or even have many sq, but he would fit in my current lineup perfectly with a waver and merlin. I really wanted her though because I want to try and expand my play style from nothing but buster bois.

You know, almost all of my game friends have Merlin. Honestly though, it gets a little old having to hope the have the right ce or whenever they do you still only get to use them a few times before the game stops putting them out there so it feels like having my own will give me a little more stability. Plus, not having to ALWAYS use my friend slot for Merlin really opens me up to be able to use it on whatever will support all of my team.

Good luck on you KH summon!!! Come back and shout out when you get him!!!

Hehehe… My flagging finger… Nfufufu… It throbs… Must hold back it’s power… Kekekeke…


Wow that’s some monstrous A+ Luck.


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Major grats!!!

I want Jack so much!!!