If you had to cheat on your waifu/husbando:

To whom would it be?
Ishtar may be a little angry, and I might have to dodge some arrows for it. But absolutely Nero! As said in another thread recently.
Full red gown!
Still scantily clad!
Perfect butt window!

Now I just need her to come home to me.


“If you had to cheat”

No, never. Cheating is ultimate scum. The epitome of bad civilization.


Ngl, that butt window is top tier and I’m glad I’m not the only one that notices it.


Well as it is. Once Eresh comes home. Ishtar will still be waifu #1. But Eresh is gonna be waifu #2. I’ve told Ishtar as much.
But no, cheating in rl is horrible. No harm side eying other game characters tho…

Ok, let’s become scums… (In real life I don’t support cheating, it’s something really horrible, unfair and disgusting)

I’d go for Arthur but I’m pretty sure it would be for a first and last time (if it could happen) cuz my husbando has freaking clairvoyance so he would know and me, Art or both of us would be Elished out of the universe.
Rest in peace, Arthur.
The end

Servants are much stronger than humans, and do not restrained by regular law.

In other words, RIP cheating Master.

If they’re into harems, like Nero, it’s another story, but it’s not really cheating.


You know clairvoyance is about the future too so you might not get the chance :fgo_bbgrin:


Bryn is probably #1 Waifu for me…

There is a list of her beloved…

She is on that list.

Cheating or threesome?


How tf do you cheat on a fictional character?


Serioulsy, people saying chetaing iRL is horrible, unfair or whatever without knowing why would someone could do that or not. It’s much more complex than that. I’m not for it but sometimes it’s not as easy as you can think or because you don’t like the one you’re with (and before someone ask me no I have never cheated myself)


doug dimmadome is all I need

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… you’re not seriously defending the indefensible, are you? There are literally zero cases where it is ever morally acceptable. You can always end a relationship and then move on with this other partner, and that’s assuming there’s an actual connection and not some random fling.


Again, it’s not that simple. I’m not defending but I’m not condamning either. Life is not that simple and emotion is not something you can always control. does cheating mean you don’t love the one you’re with ? Not necesseraly. Sometimes, you also can’t leave the one you’re living with because he’s not someone easy to deal with, because you don’t want to hurt him or her etc…There are many reason, that’s what make us human being. No one is perfect.


It is exactly that simple. The only case in which is would not be is perhaps if we’re talking about an abusive relationship, but that itself can hardly be consensual and is a fringe case entirely on its own.

You can’t blame your immoral behavior on your emotions, alcohol, or whatever. If you don’t like your partner and no longer want to consciously be with them, then don’t be. Breaking the agreement you two decided upon is wrong.

If you’re not mature enough to handle a relationship and the mutual respect and loyalty that goes along with it, then you shouldn’t be entering one. There’s no sob story to be heard about how you couldn’t handle it and had to violate your partner’s trust.


The law do not agrees with you though. It was decriminalised long ago in most countries, so it doesn’t saw as something that must be punished on government level (like murder, stealing etc.).

“Adultery is no longer a crime in any European country.”

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I’m not speaking at all about laws. Legality =/= morality.


Morality differs from culture to culture and from human to human.

What is considered to be universally unacceptable goes into law, as crimes.

This is the way the modern society regulates itself.

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This is objectively false and naive at best. Laws vary, sometimes dramatically, from state to state, and they evolve over time. I don’t think you could really make any moral argument about why certain states in the Middle East treat women the way they do.

And again, I reiterate, legality does not equal morality. Something can be immoral and legal and vice versa.


if i would cheat on scathach
then it would be with skadi


Yes, but what is moral and immoral is differs from human to human. Like you said, inhuman treating of women is completely “moral” for some people in Middle East.

Sure, but ethics is already a concisely debated subject, and it’s nearly universally agreed that cheating/adultery is unethical. What’s your point? Why do you keep hurting your “argument” with everythng you say?