If you played Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore who is your favorite Playable Character?

Her hair style reminds me of Marianne and Olivia.

What type of costumes?

Well these are some of my favorites



Does Eleonora remind any of you Mercy after the 3H time skip?

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I can see what you’re getting at because of her hair, but not really

Especially since they have vastly different personalities


What is Eleonora like?

She’s brash and somewhat hot-headed and arrogant

She is extremely determined to fulfill her dream of making it big as a Hollywood star

However she has a lot of insecurities about her mixed heritage. She’s half Japanese and half Scandinavian and she sticks out a lot as a result


Who the exact opposite of Mercy.

Btw Luna how does Tiki exist in this game? All I have seen is images of young Tiki. She does not look like a Mirage, but I have not seem anything showing she is human either.

Tiki is a Mirage that lost most of her power and her memory in a story event

She’s bound to a place called the “Bloom Palace” and is maintained by the Utaloid software Maiko came up also named Tiki. In essence, Mirage Tiki is this universe’s Hatsune Miku.

Her main role in the game is to upgrade your characters and weapons, although she gets more involved in the story during the last couple chapters


Oh cool so she is a bit like Sophie from P5S.