If you were a FEH character, what would you look alike?


There are a couple of topics talking about builds for FE characters not in FEH yet or non-FE related characters. That gave me the idea to make a similar topic but instead based on ourselves. I would love to see your build! Just make sure your build is not too OP. :slight_smile:

Here’s mine:

BST: 157
HP: 41
Atk: 30
Spd: 36
Def: 17
Res: 33

Waterfall Staff - Mt 14
Foe cannot counterattack. Allies within 2 spaces of unit gain +3 def/res and: “disables foe’s skills that guarantee foe’s follow-up attack and foe’s skills that prevent unit’s follow-up attack”. Granted only to ally if number of allies’ movement type in two spaces of unit ≤ 2 (unit included).

The effect might not be very clear: basically, the staff grants Null Follow-up and +3 def/res to allies in two spaces of unit if they meet the same condition as a tactic team. It’s a bit easier to trigger than tactics skill so you could use the staff in GC. Might be a bit too good but I will never be in FEH anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think I could be a very good fighter and I’d prefer to stay behind on a battlefield to help wounded soldiers. The staff’s name is a reference to my connection with water, and I especially love waterfalls. Plus water kinda suits me because I’m a pretty calm guy. Concerning the outfit… I would look like Rhys. Actually, I think I fairly look like Rhys without physical weakness.

That’s all for me. Hope it was not too boring to read :sweat_smile:


@Loresome I Challenge You! Do Mine!


Guys, this isn’t funny anymore.
I keep on having ideas and the literal next day someone steals it.
Guess great minds think alike or whatever…


Just give me a Flame Sword and I’m good.



(Kirchou says Rhys)


but in all seriousness, I’ve done this kinda thing before… I think I still have it

I didn’t use a pic for mine, because it’s too much trouble. Lady Anne was a holy woman, lost her husband to the war, and took up his armour in order to avenge him. She’s in constant moral turmoil due to wanting peace among all her people and bloody revenge for her husband.

One day, her brother insults her husband’s legacy and she kills him out of unsound mind and rage. After waking up in his blood, Lady Anne was thrown out of her land but remains true to it. Out of sadness and love, she tries to return to her kingdom but is thrown out when seen. She doesn’t give up.

She’s slowly turning crazy.

Unit’s weapon:
Silverdust: if unit initiates attack, the enemy cannot counterattack. Grants ATK/RES+5 to adjacent allies after combat. Inflicts 5 damage to unit after attacking.

Stationary: If unit does not move or use repositioning skills, grants DEF and RES +2 (+4 next tier, +6 next).

Just Like You: Unit copies enemy’s buffs.

She might be broken, but I thought it was a neat idea.

(i thought this said if your OC was a FEH character damnit)


Or maybe you gained psychological powers but you don’t know it? You got an idea and then someone else does the work and you have nothing to do!
You should ask Ewan


That’s okay if it’s an OC! I like your build :slight_smile:

And please explain to me that spongebob meme lol


basically, before I have no interest

when you say Rhys, I have interest, ergo, I burst into the room


Here you go, what I’d be

And before you ask, yes. I can ride a horse.
With one hand even.

As for my stats.
I’d be low on atk (it’s 30).
Not super weak, but I’m not really strong.

But I can take a hit, and endure bad weather very well.
So I translated that in good hp and mixed bulk (for a cav)
I’m also quite quick and prefer to protect myself over attacking.
So that’s why my spd would be good and I have steady posture + safeguard.

How do I look?


10/10 would summon for the Knight of Beans :ok_hand:


Obviously I’d be demoted. So don’t spent on me!

Maybe I should think of a unique weapon for myself.
Didn’t want to spam myself with unique skills
That’s my biggest pet peeve when somebody makes a unique unit


I made one:

180 BST because y not.

Deleter 14Mt: Accelerates Special trigger (Cool down -1). If units Hp > 0, unit can move 1 extra space. If foe’s Atk is less then unit’s Atk, inflicts -7 Def on foe during combat.

Disgusting Counter: Close Counter and Vengeful Fighter

Cancerslayer: if unit enters any combat with a foe that is considered as ‘cancer,’ foe deals no damage and defensive stats are ignored. (Has Null C-Disrupt built in as well)


Yeah, I understand. I make only a neat weapon for me plus a premium A skill. Might be too good compared to other healers though.
Don’t hesitate to give yourself a unique weapon!


I made sure the statspread matched new mages so it’s 157 but I also married myself bc (hello why not lmao)

I did Nosferatu because it’s my favorite tome in the series and my brother always says I’d either be a shaman or a mage in FE, but I kinda dress like dark mages, but less extra, from Awakening so I picked that.

Then I picked the skills “harsh command” and “wings of mercy” off my personality because I can seem a little harsh with my people but that’s only because I care about them. I put “fury” since it synergizes with Nosferatu AND I used to always get angry when I was younger.

I made strength my highest stat because I go to the gym almost daily, but my speed is just mediocre because even tho I always do cardio when I go, I still hate getting out of bed. My friends who like to go out say that my aura makes them want to just lay in bed and talk with me/order food.



Holy Word: if unit initiates attack, the enemy cannot counterattack. Grants ATK/RES+3 to adjacent allies after combat. Inflicts 5 damage to unit after attacking.

(Holy Word is literally me throwing a bible at these hoes. they need Jesus)

Also I should explain stats:

HP is eh, because I don’t get sick often, but when i do
Atk is because I can bitchslap a hoe
Spd is because I used to run track
Def is eh
Res is good because i like RES SHUT UP


@LuteTheGod One pic to resume you in FEH:

@Souljia_Boy 10/10 would summon for the thot Maskass lmao
Love your explanations btw

@SweetiePie I want you in FEH so I can see you shout “no u” to every foe lol


Hmm, alright then.

Joyeuse (16 mt)
Gain +7 def/res when the enemy initiates combat.
If unit has >50% at the start of turn, remove debuffs and negative effect from unit and allies within 2 spaces.

Defencive and a support skill when unhurt (thus calm) would be fitting.

Btw Joyeuse is a real sword, and seems to be the shape of blade I’d want to wield on a horse (1 handed, long but thin)


M-meme stealer!

And of course, I have to be broken lol.


I didn’t know Joyeuse was Charlemagne’s sword, so it’s nice to learn that.
The name is a bit weird for me because it’s a feminine adjective who means joyful. xD


Corrupted Blade:
Accelerates Special Trigger (Cooldown -1) If unit’s HP = 100%, grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res +2 and unit can move 3 spaces. After combat, inflicts 5 damage.

Grants ‘Effective against Dragons’. If foe initiates and foe is a dragon unit, calculates damage based on Def.