If You would have stopped playing and given your account to someone else. Come here

If you will stop playing FGO and you want to give it away for any person came here and Put your account details in order to find someone to take it


Nice Try Lostbelt King


PW 1234

here you go


Wow somebody got it already, that was very fast or a lot of lurkers here.

But for my real comment, I think is it a good idea and a bad idea.

It gives a place that anybody that wants an account, can just claim it without any preferences or where the story is. As long as the person who put up the unwanted account lets everybody knows that the account is taken and other people won’t look like a dummy trying to get the account.

It cleans up the other post for trade and those who are looking for specific accounts.


It will set up a very dangerous predicament that these accounts can be claimed by anyone and most of the accounts that will be pick up here would probably be on Facebook or another website for sale. That defeats the whole purpose of this thread in the first place.

Believe me, there has been a lot of accounts that I have seen on here that were put up for sale or trade. Also we dont want people to abuse this as well.


That’s actually a fake code I put up


feel this could probably just go here


I’d merge this but no one posted anything about it yet @lordhelpme

I like it, my friend

Let’s just close this and direct any people interested there @RoyAhoy

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It’s basically the same topic either way

Well you have one for specific account that ppl wants, one for trade and a dumping ground

OP already posted in the Account Request thread I don’t know why they decided to make their own thread.

That thread is meant for a catch all for anything related to account-exchange (including dumping) I believe, so I’d rather keep it all in a single spot for easier access as Commando intended


that was my own thought (as multiple threads like this would just cause too much clutter), but tbh, it might be a good idea to update the topic title of the pinned thread to reflect this as well




i forgot ok :feh_tooobin:

but thank you

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