Ike Merging Question

Hey everyone!
So I began summoning for my free 40th summon and ended up getting Ike on my 39th summon. I decided to get him for my free summon anyway but now I’m left wondering if I should +1 his flat IV’s or +1 the one with the HP boon. Thanks in advance!

Merge into neutral. He wants the spd and atk boost more


Neutral is unquestionably better. Extra HP is only advised for heroes with viable HP-related skills or effects, such as Aversa and Iago. Merging into neutral at +1 boosts the hero’s top 3 raw stats by 1 point each instead of remove a bane, and as implied above this will give him +1 HP, Atk and Spd as the first merge bonus.


That’s what I was thinking. His survivability seemed fine and frontloading seemed more helpful. Thanks!

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I figured the attack/speed would be more helpful since he’ll be able to maintain himself with mayhem aether and repel. Thanks!

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Those two can’t even run +HP. :feh_tooobin: The point still stands, though. Like Virion and some Silvia builds appreciate +HP.

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Technically I said “extra HP” not a +HP IV :feh_morganagrom: But yes–Aversa and Iago are classic examples of HP stackers without IV access. The currently available Bridal Fjorm is another, although she does have access to IVs turning her into quite the orb sink as I just discovered recently :feh_notlikethis:.

More HP are actually pretty nice with Damage reduction :feh_nino:

Though I’d still pick neutral :feh_legion: