Ike’s weapon refine has a downside

Sure, he’s gonna take basically no damage now, but giving the opponent a free attack is basically asking them use their special. How is improving the character in any way? I’m really pissed at this because Ike is my favorite character. This weapon refine means nothing and I am livid.

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You know that’s the best part right?
With steady breath it allows Ike to fully charge Aether and hit it off every combat


Well I refuse to take Distant Counter off of mine, so really it’s no use

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Well there’s also Infantry breath and Brave lucina’s refine

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Why don’t use guard?
Beorc’s blessing isn’t that strong, unless you are against flier or horse emblem


Guard exists.


Keep in mind the special will almost always be the second hit no matter what unless facing Pulse strategy BS. That’s an 80% reduced damage Glacies or Ignis or Luna or etc. Have a 25 damage Ignis? Now it’s 5 damage.


It won’t matter in most cases. A unmerged, no DF neutral Ike (aka the free one) can survive a +10/+5 DF, brave sword + bold fighter Black Knight. You’re best bet at killing him is going to be AoE specials.


It’s a good idea. I have Null Follow Up on him right now. I’d need to muster up the feathers before I can give him guard

You know that his refine is basically the best thing he could’ve ever gotten?


Also keep in mind that some units actually rely on a counter attack from the enemy to charge their special.


Also keep in mind that this refine is actually amazing. :eyes:


Here’s the BK thing.


Tanky as heck

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Sure it’s beneficial but still… I just don’t like the idea of the opponent getting something out of the weapon refine… it just doesn’t feel right. Maybe I have to see it in action before I can judge.

But what the opponent is getting is hardly even a blip on the radar compared to what Ike is getting.

And, again, Guard effects exist.


Just think about it. If the special triggers on the second hit, he would instantly reduce that special strike by 80% and essentially make it useless. Its used as a TRAP, to make the opponent triggers the special on their second hit.

I saw a video of B! Ike tanking a quad from a Brave Sword Bold Fighter BK. When Black Luna triggered (2nd consecutive attack) Ike only took 12 damage. 12. When he would have taken like 60. You’re underestimating how ridiculous this weapon effect is I feel.


Percentage based damage reduction is typically underestimated, then again most people prefer damaging specials, so… :man_shrugging:


Well perhaps if the special triggers on the first attack (40% restriction), then yea it might deal some serious damage, but won’t kill him. But any consecutive special trigger onwards is going to barely scratch him

I dont see the downside, honestly. Now people who cant double him will only do 60% of the damage, and those who can double will do 60%+20% instead of the 100%+100% they did before, because he hadnt “imposed desperation”. Even with the special up, the % damage reduction will work wonders, and as its already said, some cooldowns will get messy with the desperation.

And Guard, god bless Guard.

(Im in love with B!Ike now, sorry)