I'll do it and hope no one minds : Build advices please^^

So I have been fiddling around with the unit builder these last days. I have multiple build I want to work towards for my favourite units. As there’s a few, and most of them work in teams, so I’ve done separate categories. Those are all fictional, and I don’t have what is needed yet. It’s to know where I’m going.

So you can answer for one thing only if you want to.
I’m terrible at unit building. Sorry if they are bad, of is they are too mainstream. So when a build is crap please say why, so I can do better next time.

Which Wolt to choose

I’ve had multiple ideas, which one should I go for ? I’m not trying to make him a stand alone unit, but he can be I guess ?
There’s my favourite one so far for his Bow :

Ready from the start :

Full brazen :

Brave with support :

Meme :
The greats

So as some may know my fav FE characters are Canas, Robin, Oboro and Wolt. So they are my priority in merge projects and even if they don’t have the best synergy what do you think of that team for them ? About Wolt, I know I just asked before, but I had too many ideas so there are three. Should I change QR for Guard on Oboro ?

Those are the tactit bolt bonuses.
Escape route ?

So now it’s starting to become a bit strange. I wanted to do a Escape route team if I ever got F!Berkut cuz I like this skill and this guy. But I feel like it’s not going to work.

So, for the one using escape route : I can have 4*+10 Lilina supported by Canas Infantry pulse, NY!Corrin cuz I like him, L’arachel cuz she hits max 40 Hp at 5*+10, or just leave the fishie bow on an unmerged Summer Takumi.

And the last two units would be Canas and Michalis ? Idk what to do with him so I went the stupid way but I’d like to find something less boring ~w~

Last one

And now, just is that S!Leo viable ? :v
I’ll never +10 him but still. It was funny. And I’d love to do it.

Any advice is appreciated, even if it’s asking what I would do with that or that^^
Idk if my Canas is okay tho… it’s my lead so I’d like him to be top.

I also need help to know what to do for a 5*+10 Boey project, a 5*+2 Naesala budget, a 4*+10 Cherche budget, and a 5*+1 L’arachel. Also do you have any odd ideas for Leon ? I want to use him, but I don’t know how to make him different from Klein/Def NY!Corrin/Wolt.

Oh and got that this morning. I’m not even a regular so I dunno why ~3~

Just wanted to say. There is one problem with Wolt now. Whenever I look at his stats I have the impression I’m using @RoyAhoy , and whenever I use him on a map, I have the impression I’m using @Averdi , and not Wolt… :joy:


Now, I’ll be back with more advice later, as these pics need time to load, but I think there’s something very notable here. M! Robin’s Tactical Bolt won’t work on that team. They’re all Infantry units. I’d swap it out for something else.


Well S!Wolt is a cavalry unit, but then still one teammate needs to be replaced to make it work.


Oh, right. He is. My point still stands though.


As I explained, It’s the only team where I don’t want to change anyone. It’s not my optimal team, more my favourite team. And I didn’t know what to give to Robin… Wolt appreciates that +4 everywhere, and as Robin will be focussing on Grey and Red enemies, he can help Wolt who will take down the Blues.

Again, for other teams I can change units, but for this one it’s more about the builds only.


I like the idea of the one with F!Berkut and Escape Route. However I see that one of the units ‘Michalis’ has Quick Riposte. If you let him take damage from Kriemhild then he will be out of Quick Riposte range. I think you intended to give him Escape Route as well right?

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You don’t need to be a Regular to get Empathetic :birbpeek:
It means you’ve liked 1,000 posts & had 500 of your posts liked.
Congrats on getting it!
As for the Wolt builds, I’m a bit biased towards towards the Brave Brazen, but that’s because I like those builds. The second one is also pretty good. :birbpeek:
As for Oboro, Quick Riposte grants her more killing power, while Guard would prevent enemies from charging specials. How do you use her? Do you want her to kill when she retaliates?
Otherwise the skills look great :birbpeek:
oops posted too early, hold on


Oh no, I’ll only have one escape route. Michalis can fly around to have more esape route range.

I swear if you’re gonna do that before my Matthew gets CC I’ll explode :doublelion:

And also dang there is too much to read I’m lost and I think I need a break for understanding everything. xD

How looks you’re S!Leo currently? I think he can do a good job with Loyal Wealth (V!Titania has it) + bonds


Ok, but he also comes with Brazens equipped. That will not work very well with Quick Riposte right?


To continue:
The Escape Route team is really interesting :thinking:
Maybe pair it with Wolt’s Brazen build? Those could work really well together.
Lilina, L’Arachel with Juicy Wave, and New Years Corrin with Fishie Bow are all great options as well.
Summer Leo is sadly not very viable, he’s kinda weak :frowning:
But if you want to biuld him, you can! Any unit can become really strong with lots of investment.


I don’t have CC yet and I don’t know if it’s worth it :royyes:

Sorry I didn’t realize I was talking too much… I always do that :feh_notlikethis:

I don’t have S!Leo…
That last one was the only one I’ll never be able to do I think. I didn’t want a bond build as my Canas is already a bond Red mage. You can see him in the second arrow.

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… I’m such an idiot xD
Okay I need to find something for Michalis. Thanks !


One tip from my side:

Never ever plan builds with +10 merges and full dragonflowers behind it.
Just corrupts your vision and gives you false security when building the unit, it will underperform and will get you don’t like the unit anymore.
Always take babysteps, +1 merges and no dragonflowers for the builds.


It’s fine. You could of course also give him Wings of Mercy to work with the low HP of his teammates. Or you could give him a Brashperation build/ Brash assault + double Brazen Atk/Def build to make him work. Or give him Escape Route as well. In theory Vantage could also work with the Brazens at meelee range.


37 def could be decent for CC actually, but assuming you would take a +def boon and having the boy at +10. I prefer a more offensive axed build but it can work if you want to do it

Oh dang I didn’t see that :frowning:

And I’m dumb I forgot Canas :joy: (I’m glad I took a break). Nice job :ok_hand:


Thanks ! :’)

For Oboro I’m not sure. I prefer QR because it’s useful to kill ofc, but I’m worried she won’t live against specials. If she needs Guard to survive then I prefer taking the time to slowly kill.

Actually I did this team before Wolt came out so I sort of forgot. That’s a great idea ! I’ll maybe tend to Lilina for budget until I get the right build on him ?

@Lain Canas is the only one with the DF as he already got them, and same for Wolt. The escape team I didn’t +10 and the other one I did because I was looking at my final goal for those 4. I’m starting to have quite a few Oboro, and I’ll most likely +5 Wolt before he ends for this year. Ofc I’ve got builds prepared for them without the full merges. It’s just those 4 I’m going to fully invest into them, even feathers wise…

But I see what you mean. I’ve got other projects, and most of them I do at +1 without DF. But those seemed pretty fine to me (it was a Raven, a Berkut, and a Lucius). So I didn’t ask for any help. As I can try them in game I’m capable of seeing myself if they are working or not. It’s planning for the future that can be difficult…

Robin is the main one I see having trouble at lower merges with that build, so I’m going a more specific way, boosting only his Def and Atk against Greys and Reds, so that he can do that role fine.

Sorry I’m not saying your wrong, just saying I already thought about it ><

@Anoniem I’ll look at those in the builder then, thanks for the advices !


Yeah that’s why I put it under meme. It will only work if I ever get enough merges xD

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Oh wait now I think I understand want you meant >->
Even if I plan to +10 them, I will be disappointed if they don’t perform as I expected at that level right ?
And in a way it will seem more true if they end up being better than expected, because I only looked at the +1 build to start with ?

I feel like I should change them all then >->


You’re too kind. I don’t deserve such praise :blush:
Now let’s see here…