Im a tad bit lost (like dragalia LOST)

so ive been going through the dragalia lost news to see if ive gone crazy but nope it says they should be opened so i just wanna ask a few questions on what the news said vs what i see

the first paragraph tells us they give us a free tenfold summon voucher, never got it, updated the game, deleted it and redownloaded it and never got it so did i fack it up or am i not alone?

the event compendium thing and medal thing also never showed up for me so is it just me?

thanks for coming in for this episode of Dr. Phil


There’s a point where the game will force all players to update to the new version, which should be tonight. Once that rolls out, they will hand out the free Tenfold Voucher. I’ve been frustrated like you with this, but that’s how they’re doing it.

Oh and I highly recommend not using it yet. Wait until you use up your free Gala summons before you attempt to use your Wyrmite or Vouchers for whoever you’re wanting to get. This game isn’t as free about handing summon currency, but in a way it makes it easy to avoid summoning when you don’t need to.

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Oh really? Well thank you for telling me that because I’ve been blowing my back out trying to figure out why the stuff wasn’t showing up, and I’m not gunna touch my tenfold summon since I’m still pretty new so like, gotta save up again, but thanks again!

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Yep, should be seeing the voucher in about two and a half hours or so from what I’m seeing.

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So like if I collect the voucher, does it make me use it instead of the free summons or do the free summons come before the voucher?

It will do the free summons first, then the voucher, then Wyrmite.

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Much thanks! I’m still tryin get used to the game since I’m still new xd

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No problem! Just ask away if anything comes up.

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