It’s almost been three years since I turned my back to Pokemon Go. I can’t help myself to get mega evolutions on my gen 1 to 3 mons. How much have I missed? First glance on everything doesn’t seem much as changed.

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Rocket Balloons
Gyms now count as Pokestops
Remote raiding (requires passes)
Earning pokecoins (the rates)

I am sure there are other things but can’t remember


PvP Rank 9 for everyone is a really new feature. Play for fun bc rank 10 reserved for 550 to 750 players in the world, everybody else in the same boat.

Basics are more-or-less the same (wild-catch is now weather-boosted) but there have been a TON of new game-types, new Pokémon, mechanics, etc. Some QoL features such as the appraisal tool have been added. Gym defense is stale as ever. Raids are now only T1, T3, Mega, and T5/legendary. PvP moves now have stat-altering affects (such as +Attack on self, -Def on opponent, etc.) and more are added/changed every season. You can unlock a 2nd charge move on any 'mon for Stardust and candy. Elite TMs allow you to pick a new move for your 'mon, including Legacy moves (like Rock Throw Omastar or Shadow Ball Mewtwo). Plus all the stuff @theitdemon mentioned.

It’s almost been three years since I turned my back to Pokemon Go. How much have I missed?

Umm… pretty much everything except catching pokemon and raids.

It would probably be easier looking for a timeline to catch up on everything that has changed since then

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Welcome back! I noticed you mentioned mega evolutions on your pokemon. You might read up on it as it doesn’t seem to have been implemented to the majority’s liking. Don’t let that temper your excitement, though. Good luck!

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He knows how to play Pokemon. Pretty sure he knew about the big updates, too. Consider which pokemon to give the additional charged moves to. The grinding time missed greatly went into those moves, especially if PvP interests you. Extra moves for Megas can help, too

Wait for Season 5, I’m guessing a similar thing as Community Weekend in December where everyone gets a chance for past missed events. Knowing Niantic it will be all rank 10 poses and avatar items for everyone just with enough wins.

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Forgot to tell him about the Tentacool spotlight hour! No idea what the rewards are besides a lot of Tentacool, (using pokeball plus). Every Tuesday 6pm local time, not every week is it something as great as Tentacool, thoughimage

It is double candy for transferring pokemon, storage is 600 pokemon lighter so far

Tentacool’s Spotlight hour featured double transfer candy, which is another added event by Niantic every Tuesday at 6 (when they decide to) along with Raid Hour every Wednesday at 6 where every gym that doesn’t have a raid currently going will have the current legendary in rotation available for an hour to raid. Definitely also missed every Community Day and their respective Exclusive moves… were shinnies even a thing 3 years ago? There’s been a lot to say the least :sweat_smile: