I'm being driven insane...please help

I haven’t saw a Kyogre at more than 93 ivs and I saw this

And then it almost looked like I was being driven insane; Just seeing the number makes me crazy. I simply cannot throw in a way that I should and all of the balls just floated out of the circle but hit it anyway. It popped out from all of the balls and fled, then I snapped.

Like I said Kyogre’s distance and hitboxes were completely dissonant and at that point I just snapped and tried to jump off the cliff next to the gym, but I just restrained myself from doing it. It’s literally just a mental breakdown and it almost felt like I’m no longer human and just a pile of mess.

I caught both of the other Kyogres beforehand, it’s just this one that drives me insane as soon as I saw it.

It’s terrible luck. I’ve never seen a 100% raid boss, so I sympathize with how bad it must feel to miss such a good one.

Not to be rude, but it does sound like your problem is with throwing, rather than bosses being too hard to catch.

  • learn to time your throws after an attack, with the circle luck technique
  • be patient. Even for crappy iv kyogre, I don’t throw when it has gone to the right side of the screen. I only throw at center and left because I can hit those. It takes me significantly longer to catch, but if you want to catch it’s worth it.
  • sometimes different phones have different results. Perhaps yours is just really hard to use for kyogre. However I’ve had some really difficult Pokemon in the past and I just modify my style until I find something that works. Practice on the low iv ones you get, don’t “not care” about them because they’re bad. Within the first 1-2 raids you do, you should have your throwing technique figured out so you can at least hit great throws >80% of the time.

Nonetheless, the past is the past and it sucks right now. It’s just a mobile game at the end of the day. There’s no prize for having the best Pokemon. You can’t trade a 100% for money. Obviously you care about the game and it’s okay to be sad, but don’t let yourself become depressed over a game. In general you should ask yourself if you’re really having fun with the game, or is it more frustration?


Train to be the very best, like no one ever was at throwing.

My maxed perfect Mewtwo offers its commiserations and advises you to seek professional mental health services:

  • Play less than 8-10 hours a day.

  • Work on your throwing. We saw in your last thread your throwing skills - as some of us suspected - could use work.

  • Maybe raid with smaller, more focused groups to get more balls. Seriously, 11 balls? I’d be shitting myself if I didn’t have at least 14 to catch a hundo with.

  • Tell yourself at the end of the day the game is immaterial. I lost a hundo Rayquaza once and I don’t let it eat me.

  • Go to a goddamn therapist or stop the ridiculous hyperbole. Kyogre’s here for what, nine days total? We have two threads from you in less than a week bitching because you can’t catch it. Take it from everyone here: get help


Perfectionism aside, the difference in performance between a 93 Kyogre and a 100 Kyogre is quite miniscule. Don’t let the “IVs are everything!” philosophy get to you that much. A 93% Kyogre will perform quite well.

I lost out on a hundo Mewtwo due to server instability awhile back. Did it suck? Yes. Was I mad? Yes. Was it the end of the world? No. Life goes on even when perfect Legendaries run.

A lot of people get nervous throwing at perfect Legendaries resulting in their throws being less than optimal. Best advice I can give is to take your time throwing, take deep breaths, move away from people/distractions, and set the circle to a size you’re comfortable hitting reliably. If you had balls missing the circle, set it to a slightly larger size. If you’re missing the excellent throws, set the circle to great size. If you’re missing the great throws, set it to nice. Better to hit a throw bonus consistently than miss entirely.

I would seriously hope that Niantic didn’t place a gym that’s actually right next to a cliff…

Also, please consider seeking professional help. I’m glad you restrained yourself, but the fact that this scenario put you in that mindset is troubling. Suicidal ideation is no joking matter.

As I’ve said before, you might consider taking a break from the game. Put it down for awhile and do something else for your own benefit. PoGo is meant to be something we do for fun, and the whirlwind of emotions you described does not sound fun, at all. And if the game isn’t providing you with enjoyment, then it’s not worth playing, honestly.


Damn. 5 hours is already too much for me

All about luck. Kyogre is not the hardest boss to hit (not the easiest though) excellent on. In fact, about 80% of the kyogres I encountered in this period were over 90 iv, and only one ran away. I encountered a shiny kyogre last year (no pressure) and a few days I encountered a 100 iv. I’ve been driven completely crazy coz of the GPS drift and in fact didn’t get excited when I saw it. Only after I caught it I realised that it was such a prize. In my whole Pogo career, I caught 4 hundred ivs and all of them are legendaries. I also maxed a 100 if rayquaza before so I might max my kyogre too, despite the fact that my shiny is powered up. All I need is hundo groudon to complete my hundo weather trio. Fingas crossed

Edit: the way you play this game is incorrect. Pokemon Go is a game meant for us to have fun, not a matter of life and death. I occasionally lose legendaries too. Without a hundo, its normal, and if u have one, consider it a prize. Things dont always go your way. Take a break and focus more in the real world, don’t let it go to your head.

Like many already pointed out, your throwing need ore refinement.
Maybe be more patient, circle lock, wait for a good timing, not cacthing (edited for not) throwing ball after ball too fast ( do it whether it good or bad iv, it is a good habbit unless you use to doing speed raiding all the time )

Try different approach, i am changing my phone, it is taller but narower. Trying to catch Kyogre in the middle is actually more difficult than when it is on the left or right side

Try to raid with no more than 5 trainers if you can and have some friend willing to do that. More damage more ball ,+3 personal damage is easy, and actually make use your power up pokemon in better use than raiding with a lot of people. Help 1-2 trainer if they dont have a group, but if there are a lot trainer in location they can doing fine in the lobby while you and your friend just doing private group

Lastly, dont stressed out too much for a game
I definitely upset when i lost my 100% legendary, for 15 minutes at most
It is a game, you win some, you loose some

I only figured out the way of landing Excellents on raid day…Assuming the boss is in the middle of the screen wait till it attacks, you start from the bottom left or right depending on your choice then immediately throw it at full force 45 degrees to the other side. I managed to land 5 Excellents in a row on a Kyogre from raid day (but heck, that thing still got away.)
Anyways, feel grateful for that 12 RCs. It’s a huge amount for a single raid. Besides, at least you had the chance. I have raided a HUGE amount of Kyogres, and yet seen 0 hundos or shinies. I feel kinda ashamed cuz my name is TheKyogre, but still, I don’t see why you should express this sort of emotion.

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I may be way off topic i am new i know about Pokemon but haven’t made it to a stop or anything I’m dead empty as far as balls go and i can’t trade or anything any suggestions? I am always willing to help another out im level 7 started again today lost my old account due to my child’s mother!

@casey07261991 unfortunately, if you don’t have at least semi-regular access to Pokestops/Gyms, your hands are pretty much tied when it comes to this game.

Gifts from friends can help a little though, and there’s a thread for that here on this forum: Friendship requests - please keep them to this thread

Good luck. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks i know i thought i was done! Lol thank God for a few friends now im back at it gonna try to juat put a few bucks on my card and grab a few to get a jump start then ill finish getting to level up again thanks and im gonna work on finding stops and all asap just a new place i have no clue lol

A hundo run away…the pain man…I’ve been there, well, kinda because I lost a 98% Mewtwo back in the day. Here’s what I’m doing to maximize the odds of catching.

  • Use a Golden Razz Berry. This is mandatory.
  • Set the circle to a permanent one: What I mean with this is, press the Premier Ball to set the circle you consider you could make a great/excellent throw (I reccomend the excellent one, the circle doesn’t have to be that small). Leave the finger gently off the Premier Ball without tossing it.
  • Once you set the circle, wait until Kyogre attacks you. There’s a 1 1/2 second between Kyogre finishes it’s attacking animation and the circle re-appears on it. That’s the time to toss the Premier Ball at it! Try to make a Curve throw to get the best chance to catch it. You’ll have a 12,28% of success every hit (Assuming you have the Water-type Gold Medal). Try to throw the Premier Ball when Kyogre it’s in the middle, it easier to land it.
  • It broke free? It doesn’t matter! Keep repeating steps 1 and 3 until you get it.

I know it’s frustrating, but don’t give up! You still have 1 day to get a better Kyogre. For instance, I haven’t got the shiny yet and I’ve done almost 30 Kyogre Raids. There’s still a chance!

I’ve had a bit of trouble beating blizzard with 4 (in partly cloudy), but finally I just did it with 0 seconds remaining…my reward, a 2289. I caught it though, plus it is far from my area and I can trade it for the +3 candy.

Everyone has their thing. For me, it’s Groudon. Worked and worked, everything below 90, then on the last batch, I got a 96%.

On the other hand, Kyogre is my bitch. I stopped doing Kyogre raids because I would just catch “another 91+ one that I wouldn’t power up because I have better”. I have two 98% ones I’m not powering up because I have enough already. I did power up the buffed 98% one that I caught on the first of the two raid nights, but that’s it. It will take a few more levels before it passes up the 96% ones and slots just under my 100%. Heck, even on my little account, I did one raid, and got a buffed 98% (I never play them at the same time, that wouldn’t be fun for me).

So, there’s normal variance with every pokemon - for some you’ll kick butt, for some you’ll have horrid luck, and for most, somewhere in the middle. Now you know what your problem one is.

In the end, it’s just a game we play for fun. When it stops being fun, stop playing. I’m not saying this dismissively - ask yourself this question: do I play the game, or does the game play me? If you don’t like the answer, change something up so that you do.

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Not sure why this was replied to me?
I commented that I’ve never seen any 100% raid boss…

I guess my “problem” would be Rayquaza. During the raid weekend I did ~13 raids on my main, the same 13 for my gf, and ~4 on my alt. Got the first one over 82% on my GF on the last raid. My account got two at 82%, and the highest CP one was actually 80%.
I then proceeded to burn three August 2016 pokemon on 75% lucky trades for Rayquaza. All 3 went lucky:

  • 12A / 12D / 14HP
  • 12A / 14D / 12HP
  • 14A / 12D / 12HP

Ended up maxing the 14A, but was dumbfounded. 30 combined raids and 3 luckies and the best I could get was an 84%…

For Kyogre: 98% (14HP so pseudo hundred), and two 96%
Groudon: 93% with 15A, 91% with 15A, lucky 89% with 14A (from a same day Groudon for Groudon trade)
Giratina-O: 93% 15A, and a lucky 89% 15A
Giratina-A: Missed a 98%
Mewtwo: lucky 91% 15A (with SB), best is 96% 14A (not SB)
Moltres: 98% with 14A, two 91% with 15A
Zapdos: two 98% (one 15A one 14A), 91% with 15A, research 96% with 15A
Articuno: Three 91% 15A
Raikou: lucky 93% 15AD, research 96% 14A
Entei: 96% 14A research
Suicine: two 93% 15A
Lugia: best is only 89% with 15A, and a garbage lucky - but to be fair only raided 4 Lugias total
Ho-oh: 93% 15AD
Regice: 96% 15A
Regirock: best is a 78%, but only raided 4 of these
Registeel: 89% 15A, only raided 4-5 of these
Cresselia: 96% 15A
Dialga: 93% 15A and 93% 14A
Palkia: 98% 15A, 96% 14A, 93% 15A, 91% 15A

So ya, outside of Rayquaza I don’t think there’s any legendary that I’ve raided a lot of and not gotten anything good. 91%/93% with 15A, or 96%+ being what I consider good.