I'm building Niles

Firstly, his artist is Suekane Kumiko. My girl that did Gerik, Summer Frederick, and Summer Joshua. Not only did she get his skin color right(Sorry Yura, you gave him zombie green skin) but she also made Niles really hot. The things I would let this man do to me, we can wrestle with oil anytime :smiling_imp: Kyaaaaaah~ :two_hearts:

Anywho is this a good build, for him?


Brazen on it’s own without another skill that depends on HP like Desperation is a bit odd, but it can definitely still work :feh_eirikathink:
With Special Spiral you probably want to focus more on his Atk than his Spd since it looks like you’re aiming to one-shot with Deadeye. :bow_and_arrow:


Maybe I should run death blow, In the seal slot? I was thinking about desperation so that could be one build

I feel like Atk/Spd Push 4 + Desperation + Brazen Atk/Spd in the seal works?

But then I’d just run Death Blow, honestly. You could try to tank a mage an get into Brazen/Desperation range, but ehh. I just don’t like Brazens


I don’t know what’s sexier: his Resplendent art or that stat boost. I could use a reliable offensive Bow user since my Bow team is mostly defensive/support so his RA timing couldn’t be any better




Oh, Hus…

Anyway, You may as well stick with his Flashing Blade refine and spam specials that way.

And Brazens in the A…yikes.

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Okay this I like. Flashing kind of useless but breaks guard so that’s nice.


It takes SS and 15 DF but… Works better than Igrene to an extent.

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I don’t have L&D 4, also wouldn’t flashing blade in his refine do nothing since its already slaying and he has special spiral?

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You don’t like brazen’s but you like push skills? While push skills are mostly always active, without healing skills it runs out

What’s so bad about brazen? Why does it sound like people don’t like them are they not good skills. If anything it gives 9atk

is it slaying?

Ah… Well then just use whatever refine you want as long as it’s Spd.

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It involves Niles actually taking damage, which he doesn’t really want to do unless its a tome, which me might one shot.

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It’s conditional.

Niles isn’t exactly a unit who will take a hit and survive to the next round. He attacks, that’s it.

Brazen can be helpful, but you gotta survive a turn first. Alf with 3 Brazen Atk/Def is pretty good, but his Spd is shit so he probably won’t get into that range safely.

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Niles would much rather get SS3/mirror/sturdy impact in the A slot to improve his damage right away. Brazens are tricky for units who don’t really hurt themselves or don’t survive hits super well, and while Niles Res is ok for today’s standards his somewhat low HP means he can get oneshit by heavy hitting mages.

Speed Smoke isn’t really necessary as you’re not using the flashing blade check from his refine since you took the +2 spd refine instead. If you have the fodder for it, a joint drive atk, spd or res would be nice for him since they all improve his offensive capabilities.

I have a +10 Niles who’s somewhat heavily invested myself, and honestly focusing on his doubling for iceberg procs is what makes him scary. I don’t know how useful Deadeye will be on him due to his low attack, bypassing dmg reduction isn’t that useful if he was already only going to do like 14 in the first place.

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That’s a good idea I didn’t think about that. I could give him def smoke, as I don’t have the joints yet.

I could make him tank, but would that be viable with Deadeye? Maybe deadeye isn’t a good choice?

Ah, is that why people prefer fury desperation. I like it bc I get to double super fast units like Mareeta

Yeah, it’s easy and low budget. I’m not a fan but it works sometimes. I much prefer things that work all the time.

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